Persona Unleashes “Somebody Else” Video

Now, it’s really hard for us to ignore Persona here. We tend to lean toward their humble beginning. Think about it, independent Metal band, way up north in Tunisia, doing what they love most. That there speaks a ton. So when we heard news about their newest music video, Somebody Else,  from album, Elusive Reflections, we had to revisit the album  again. We suggest you check out the album review HERE also. The video kicks ass anyway. Don’t take our word for it though, have a look see:

We like to think Persona represents more than the entire north, not the case here. For us, they represent that one “illusive determination’ other bands lack when starting off new. Bands in Africa need that, the bands doing their own thing all by themselves we mean. So we say, look towards bands like Persona for some inspiration. Your time will come, push!

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