15 Things Egyptian Metalheads look forward to in 2016

Enraged performing

There’s just three months left before welcoming a new year. Till now, Egyptian metalheads are still waiting for more surprises. In this article, I will try to update you on the things which Egyptian metalheads can look forward to:

1- More concerts

2016 has witnessed the fewest number of Metal concerts in Egypt after many incomplete concerts. Metal Blast Festival Five Heavy Years is still the biggest concert in 2016. The Egyptian Metalheads are still requesting more concerts before the end of this year moreover, The fans are still waiting for more details about the upcoming Metal Grinders. The organizers of Metal Grinders have announced Sallos, Infernum Expectat, Segadoras and a “Surprise band” as part of the Metal Grinders 2016 lineup. Egyptian metalheads started calling certain names as “Scarab”, “Enraged”, “Odious”, “Crescent” ,”Nathyr” and “Sinprophecy”.

2- “Skin Age” Live for one more night

After a big successful night in Metal Blast Festival Five Heavy Years; many Egyptian metalheads were hoping to attend another concert for Odious and have a second chance to listen to “Skin Age” live. They’ll get this chance as Odious will be having a second live concert.

3- More Sinprophecy Music

Sinprophecy has been far away from the stage and live concerts since 2014, however, it is still the most active band in the scene through 2016. It has released a wonderful single ft. Nour Khan “Echoes of Silent Hymns” and a successful music video “War Shall Begin”. Egyptian metalheads still need more Sinprophecy music. The fans expectations go through 2 ways: The first is the new Sinprophecy album, and the second is one more concert for Sinprophecy. We eagerly await.

4- Crescent new album, Veritatem Solam’s Album and Al Azif new work

It is one of the most anticipated things in the Egyptian Metal scene. Crescent posted many photos for their upcoming work recording process while Veritatem Solam announced that they will release their album this summer. Regarding Al Azif, the fans are still waiting for their new stuff.

5- Sand Aura and Varden Return

Every year, Sand Aura and Varden fans don’t lose faith in their beloved bands return to The Metal Scene once again. Will they return finally?

6- Enraged Live

Enraged has been absent from live stages till now. The fans are still waiting for concerts. Enraged recently announced that the band started recording their upcoming album.

7- Medic’s First Album

After many years of hard work and successful stuff and concerts, Medic is still working on their first album. Medic is known for its wonderful performance and their catchy musical mood. Last month, Ahmed Khalil, the guitarist of Medic, talked about the themes and the ideas which Medic’s album will carry. The fans are still waiting for the only active progressive Metal band in Egypt to drop their album. Medic also was one of the bands who participated in Metal Blast Festival 5 Heavy Years.

8- Nader Sadek Live in Egypt

Despite the problems and crises caused by Nader Sadek concerts in Egypt, the fans can’t forget his two successful concerts. Nader Sadek supporters still call for one more successful night. On the other hand, Nader Sadek has started to announce the lineup of his upcoming release. Despite this, nobody can’t deny his efforts to bring big names to Egypt.

9- Hecate Second full length

After their successful symphonic presence on the stage last year in Walls of Death, Egyptian metalheads are still waiting for Hecate’s new material.

10- Awaken Within and Heavy Metal Revival

Although Heavy Metal music is still absent in Egypt, Awaken Within is getting ready for Heavy Metal revival in the scene. Awaken Within is a collaboration work between Egypt and the UK. Awaken Within managed to gain a nice successful presence in the scene after releasing 3 singles. The band is still working on their album, in addition, a solo project. Recently, Awaken Within won extra support and popularity after Amr Medhat’s participation with Odious as a live member in Metal Blast Festival last April.

11- The Egyptian Thrashers Return

Gorynov is the only Thrash Metal band in Egypt. They have been doing well since 2014. Thrash Metal lovers in Egypt are still waiting for Gorynov’s new material and another concert after the cancellation of their concert with Sepultura this year.

12- Frostagrath Revolutionary Track and Hateful Desolation new material

Frostagrath announced that the band is working on a new revolutionary track with new thoughts and experiments in its music. Hateful Desolation which is considered a side project for “Lord Mist” founder Frostagrath; is still working on their new release.

13- Hate Field’s new Album

This year, Hate Field announced that they are working on a new album. The latest update the band posted about the recording process of the new album was Ramzi Mayas’ work on Recording Bass Lines for the album. Alfi Hayati who is the Vocalist/Guitarist of Hate Field was one of the live members of Odious band in Metal Blast Festival Five Heavy Years.

14- Vikings come back to Egypt

Thorvald is the first and the only Metal band in the scene which does Viking Metal music. Few months ago, Thorvald released 2 successful tracks managed to be featured on the top African Metal track charts. The Egyptian Vikings announced that they are still working on their upcoming full album but the genre of the music will be more into Heavy/Power music with their Viking taste. After changing their genre, Thorvald released a new single from the album “Rangarok: The Fall of Odin”.

15- More stuff from the Rising bands

This year is a good one for the all rising bands in the local scene, Infernum Expectat released a successful single, in addition, their work on their first album. Infernum Expectat also announced that they will participate in the upcoming Metal Grinders. Saqar which is the first Technical Death Metal band in Egypt are doing a great job after releasing a number of singles. Nereus also added some strength to the scene after releasing a new single. Bovem opens the way for their first album through releasing a new successful single.

Phew, we are done. This list as you may have noticed, not only says what Egyptian metalheads are looking forward to but also mentions things that the various Metal bands are working on. 2016 still has a lot to offer. Stay tuned to AudioInferno for more on the Egyptian Metal scene.

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