Thursday thoughts with Althea Crafford of Dreams of Nightmares

Welcome back to our Thursday thoughts from artistes all over Africa, we are going to be dissecting a woman with an extra significance in the South African metal scene who goes by the name Althea Crafford, she plays for the South African metal band ‘Dream of Nightmares’. Sit back and watch her Thursday Thoughts videos.

Post American world by Megadeth

Awesome video set in a post apocalyptic world where all government and systems of authority has been destroyed and humanity is left to fend for themselves. Love the reality of the picture of the future that has been painted.

Encased in Concrete by Cannibal Corpse

The song and video have so much more meaning than just the obvious of being encased in concrete. Filled with great riffs and a deep feeling of pressure closing down on people as life and circumstances just get too much for one person to handle which we all can relate to.

Here to Stay by Korn

I interpret it as involving self-destructive behavior, but realizing that you can’t let your depression win and just let it kill you. You got to take control of the hurt, seek revenge on those who’ve caused it and not let the bastards beat you any more!

Cemetery Gates by Pantera

Oldie but still a goodie! The song is all about pain and loss and being able to cope with it. “Passing the Cemetery Gates” is saying he will come to terms with what happened, and go on with his life and that is an inspiration for all of us to be able to move on and cope with anything that life throws at us no matter how difficult it seems at the time

Nemesis by Arch Enemy

Ground breaking song from Arch Enemy and probably the best song they have EVER done, from the opening riff to the pure power when the rhythm and vocals hit are amazing! Cool video with the different time-lapse shots and unreal female fronted vocal power.

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