Review and Pictures of the Rockfest 2016 in Mozambique

The rock scene in Mozambique keeps getting bigger and bigger. Rockfest 2016 held at Ambiente Bar on September 3 in Mozambique. We did what we did best at Audioinferno, we had someone in the festival to check out how things were done. Of course we know the organizers of this event so we had pictures too! Enjoy the Review


The highly anticipated Festival of rock music in Mozambique got underway in a good fashion. It was a powerful start with the band SPOON delivering amazing songs with great technicality. It was a mixed bag and alternative spoke louder.

The second band that performed was TRUST THE TRUTH. Their performance was arguably the best performance of the night. The quality was so great that I thought I was in a highly rated international festival. Again alternative was the strongest force. Then THE RHINOS with a very good punk rock style, made the crowd go wild. One of their best performances ever.

Then came the hard rock band, DESTINY WAS DRAWN. My goodness, the quality was so good that it could even challenge the likes of Guns ‘n’ Roses.

ON THE WAY came with a highly rated rock sound and the crowd was wild with every song they performed. The atmosphere was just unbelievable.

NÉVOA DO DESERTO came next,  and I tell you even Kurt would be proud. They were electrifying as always. Powerful Grunge rock.

Then the atmosphere changed to a more brutal scene. The kind of heaviness that we enjoy. Everything into the air, circle pits, mosh pits and breaking everything with NORBORMIDE. Death metal full of power and technicality.

DAMNING CLOUDINESS performed some raw and powerful metal-core songs and the crowd was just headbanging to the rhythm of the songs.

The atmosphere eased a bit with some rock songs by the band 3M. The timing was just perfect to prepare us for the big band.

One of the top rated death metal bands THE LOST GRAVE performed last. I’ve never been so amazed by death metal the way they made me feel. It was just perfect. I could hear every riff rough, hard and heavy with some powerful vocals. It was arguably the best concert that I’ve ever been to. The sound was full of quality, the line-up was diverse and fun and the crowd was just amazing.

Surely Rock Fest will be on for a long time in Mozambique.

We here at Audioinferno makes sure we have our eyes on every rock/metal event in Africa. We have pictures of the event



Audioinferno does not take credit for these pictures.

This review is written by Pilatus Sengo from Mozambique, an avid supporter of the scene and he could be reached through his email, []

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