Dark Suburb Nominated for Best African Rock Artiste/Duo/Group in AFRIMA 3.0

Dark Suburb, the leading alternative rock band from Ghana, has been nominated for Best Artiste/Duo/Group in African Rock in the 3rd edition of the African Music Awards (AFRIMA). They had the pleasure of performing their hit song ‘I dey feel you die‘ at AFRIMA last year which was a mind blowing performance by the way. We here at Audioinferno towers also talked with them. This year for Dark Suburb has been a great one indeed, they have been releasing hit singles and their influence can be clearly heard in a lot of exciting rock music in Africa.


Audioinferno: How do you feel about your 2nd AFRIMA nomination for Best African rock group?

Dark Suburb

We feel really honoured and proud because we haven’t even released the album to embark on our first world tour so we haven’t even worked hard yet and a single from the project already got us nominated.

Audioinferno: How do you feel about your fellow nominees and who do you think will win?

Dark Suburb

We keep discovering rockers through Audioinferno and Afrima, they are all winners.

Audioinferno: What is your influence and have you guys ever listened to the music of any of the nominees?

Dark Suburb

We are influenced by all sorts of music and our environment and we checked all nominees out ! Awesome

Audioinferno: How is your music received in Ghana?

Dark Suburb

Our fan base is growing by the day and Ghana is recognising the skeletons and what we stand for.

Watch Mama video by Dark Suburb featuring Wiyaala

Audioinferno: Categorize and describe your own music

Dark Suburb 

Our music is very self explanatory, we are very alternative rock fusing different styles. It always must be honest, from the soul, it is the skeleton way.

Audioinferno: Say something to your fans from around Africa

Dark Suburb

We thank all skeletons around the world, we are coming with an album on the 31st that would make them proud .Be a skeleton always, wakati umefika!!!

You can get to know more about the band by checking their facebook page HERE

Click HERE to vote for Dark Suburb for Best African rock group.

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