Angolan Rap Rock Band M’Vula Gets Two AFRIMA 3.0 Nominations

M’Vula!!! I shouted that out loud when they won the awards for Best African Rock Group at AFRIMA 2015. I even slept with their band merch, and I had good dreams. M’Vula recently just finished performing at Rock no Rio festival in Angola. That’s the biggest rock festival to come out of Africa this year apart from Iron Maiden performing in South Africa. We would be talking more on Rock no Rio festival as one of the organizers of the festival is close friends with us at Audioinferno.

M’Vula  are again nominated in this year’s AFRIMA. This time around they are nominated in two different categories, Best Group in African Rock and Best African Group. These guys are definitely carving their mark in the African rock/metal scene as a whole. They were nominated for Best African Rock Group at AFRIMA 2015 and against tough competition from the likes of Prime Circle and Dark Suburb and they won. Audioinferno was there to support them and we had a chit chat with Teacher Paulo and LiL Gorge to discuss how to move the rock scene in Africa forward. When M’Vula was nominated again at this year’s AFRIMA for Best African group and Best Group/Duo/Artiste in African Rock, we weren’t surprised.

Teacher Paulo with Late Nelson Mandela

Mvula is a band that has fought an uphill battle to develop an identity in the Angolan rock scene cutting their way through Africa. You have to stand up on the edge of a great canyon to truly appreciate M’Vula and when you are stuck to their music, it forces you to rethink how small you are. We have talked one on one with these guys and they are very brilliant.

Enjoy The Interview.

Audioinferno: You guys didn’t just get nominated for best African Rock Group but also best African group. How does that make you feel?


Thank you for the support you have given us. Pretty good, being nominated again it’s awesome. It’s an honor to see our work being recognized again and we have been nominated in two different categories and we are delighted with the nominations!

Audioinferno: I recently found out that you guys have a new song. I saw the live performance where you sang “Tristezas E Alegrias” on your YouTube channel. It’s a really nice tune.


The nominated song “Tristezas e Alegrias” is a very special song to us, it’s our newest release, it talks about the ups and downs in life. For sure this is a big UP for us these last days. Thank you, that performance was last month on Angola Music Awards, we are currently recording the videoclip for the song.

Audioinferno: I’m glad that the song means so much to you. So will you guys be performing at AFRIMA 3.0 as well?


We would love to! Let’s see what happens.

Audioinferno: Is the new song one of the tracks that will be featured on your upcoming album?


Yes it is, the name of the album is “Focus”, it has 11 songs and you will love what is still about to come. “Focus” works either in Portuguese and in English, which are the main languages that we sing and the album summarizes all the efforts we have been making since 2008.

Audioinferno: Do you guys have a fixed release date for the album?


We are doing it at this moment, we launched the single “Tristezas e Alegrias” and we are working with our partners to make the album available for everybody as soon as possible.

Audioinferno: How do you feel about your 2nd AFRIMA nominations?


We feel honored! We are happy and very excited to be part of an event of this magnitude.

Audioinferno: How do you feel about your fellow nominees and who do you think will win?


All the nominees on both categories are really good. Especially being in a category with acts like Mafikizolo, SautiSol and MiCasa that have huge commercial success, is gonna be tough, but we hope that we are victorious.

Audioinferno: What is your influence and have you guys ever listened to the music of the nominees?


Yes, we are familiar with some of the acts on the Rock nomination, and we really like Dark Suburb; their song ‘Mama’ is a good song. We are familiar with most of the acts on the Best Band/Duo category.

Audioinferno:  How is your music received in Angola?


People are getting to know our music now. So we are now being on bigger stages, a lot more media coverage. We seem to be captivating our audience one show at a time, giving them lots of positive energy, and they give it back.

Audioinferno: Categorize and describe your own music?


We don’t like to put our sound in one specific category because of the way we fuse rock, hip-hop, with African sounds. We are composed of different personalities in the band. Some are heavy rock lovers, some are hip-hop lovers, and we are all African which makes for a good combination of sound. Our music is energy, positive energy, we are a Thunderstorm, our sound is in your face giving you our look and perspective of the struggle lived daily.

Audioinferno: Say something to your fans from around Africa?


Thanks for supporting M’vula! Thanks for supporting African Rock Music.

So that’s about the interview. We are expecting them in Lagos this November for AFRIMA 3.0. It wouldn’t be bad if they open the awards with their outstanding performance. Every member of the band is a machine. One amazing thing I have learned about M’Vula is that these guys find their boundaries. It’s an humbling experience for them because in the African rock/metal scene, there is always a band/solo artiste who’s much better than you. If you can get your head around that and accept that, then you should really just be concerned about yourself and your band. Learn about your boundaries, learn about your place in the continent and the entire globe. If you do these, then you can move forward with whatever limitations your band is having.

Click HERE to vote for Mvula for Best African Rock Group


Click HERE to vote for Mvula for Best African rock group.


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