South African Solo Artiste Francois Van Coke Gets AFRIMA 3.0 Nomination

Photo taken by by Hayden Phipps

Francois van Coke, a South African solo rock singer has been nominated in 2 categories in the upcoming African Music Awards (AFRIMA 3.0).  He is nominated for Best Artiste/Duo/Group in African Rock, Video of The Year, and Best African Collaboration. Francois van Coke is a successful singer in South Africa and he has toured the world, stabbing his fans worldwide with his music. So Audioinferno had a chat with Francois van Coke. He was also in Van Coke Kartel recently. He is also the vocalist of Fokofpolisiekar.


Enjoy the brief interview.

Audioinferno: How do you feel about your AFRIMA nomination?

Francois van Coke:

I feel very surprised and privileged to be nominated.

Audioinferno: How do you feel about your fellow nominees and who do you think will win.

Francois van Coke:

I had to go have a look at the nominees in the Rock group, cause I did not know anybody. It is interesting to say the least. If you compare the music, it feels like we are from different worlds, but it is music from the same continent. The cultural difference is vast and I would like to be exposed to more of their music.

Audioinferno: What is your influence and have you listened to the music of any of the nominees?

Francois van Coke:

I am influenced by all music. The first music I got into was in the early 90’s. The grunge era made me want to pick up a guitar. I got into punk and old school rock after that. These days I listen to anything really. Anything from Phil Collins to Metallica. I have never heard of some of the nominees, but obviously know all the South African artists featured.

Watch the Ek Weet Nie Ft. Arno Carstens video

Audioinferno: How is your music received in South Africa?

Francois van Coke:

I have played music full-time for 13 years and feel very blessed that have had a long career already and hope to still do this for a long time. So, my fans have made it possible for me to play music and I released my first solo album a bit more than a year ago and it was very successful back home.

Audioinferno: Categorize and describe your own music.

Francois van Coke:

I play rock music.

Audioinferno: Are your supporters in South Africa familiar with AFRIMA?

Francois van Coke:

I have posted about AFRIMA a couple of times, but don’t think my fans are very familiar with the awards.

Audioinferno: Say something to your fans from around Africa.

Francois van Coke:

Hey beautiful peeps. Be brave, be good and be cool. See you soon!

Click HERE to vote for Francois Van Coke for Best Artiste/Duo/Group in African Rock.

Click HERE to vote for Francois Van Coke for Best African Collaboration

Francois Van Coke

To vote Francois Van Coke for Best Video of The Year Click HERE

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