Egyptian Viking Band Thorvald Releases New Single, Ragnorok: The Fall of Odin



thorvald1Egyptian Viking band Thorvald is back again with their mind-blowing track music style. They have released a new single titled Ragnorok: The Fall of Odin. As you all know Thorvald is the first and only viking band in Egypt, and in Africa as a whole. Thorvald is an old Norse word which means “Thor’s ruler”. I am curious about this band because they sound like Amon Amarth in an African way. Not that anyone could imitate Johan Hegg’s Voice, but their sound and style is similar.

It’s a slow movement for the band as I believe they will be the next big reptile band in Egypt. They have released 3 singles this year alone. This band is a piece that represents the Norse History and they fuse this into their sound.

Ragnorok: The Fall of Odin in the Norse Mythology means there is a final battle called Ragnarok where the god of gods ‘Odin’ falls and is killed by a giant wolf called fenrir or fenris.

Listen to their 5th release ‘Ragnorok: The Fall of Odin’

This track is from their upcoming album ‘Blood Eagle’. The track features their new vocalist Seif El-Shazly and the track was written by Ahmad Mostafa, the founder of the band. He recorded guitars, bass, drums for the track. Actually, everyone in the band is a multi instrumentalist.

Visit their youtube channel for more of their songs.

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