Frostagrath unleashes Spectral Existence EP


The Depressive black metal force from Egypt has yet again given us music of violent beauty! To all the depressive black metal fans out there, we here at Audioinferno knew that they have been working on this brilliant EP and it turned out to be amazing. Well, give it a listen, don’t take our word for it says we!

SPECTRAL EXISTENCE revolves around the spiritual connection between the body and soul, diving deeper into the Astral projection, indicating how our reality is shaping, and how fragile reality can be, our only escape is to return to our Inner Black Flame; our salvation. From this point, i tried to re-incarnate this truth via the THREE Different versions of the track ~ Lord Mist

  1. Spectral Existence.
  2. Spectral Existence (Instrumental Version).
  3. Spectral Existence (Orchestral Version).

-Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at: Frost Lair Studios, Cairo, Egypt.
-Artwork by Lord Mist.
-All Instruments, Vocals, Programing -Lord Mist.

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