Madagascan metalcore giants Behind the Mask releases ‘The Revolution’

Behind the mask is back again with the force on this one with the release of their 3rd single ‘The Revolution‘ from their upcoming album ‘The Revolution.’ We got a little excited there, thought we rhymed or something. So close.  BTM have proven the South east coast of Africa has a visible territory for metal. BTM released their first single ‘The Message‘, on January and they have been making waves in the African scene since then. We know, we are paying attention.

The new track ‘The Revolution’ talks about the revolution of the metal scene in Madagascar, to stop the fight between old school metalheads and new school metalheads. This song is to give more focus of the future of metal scene in the Madagascar. We here at Audioinferno know that there has been a metal scene in Madagascar for as long as possible and we would be exploring their scene soon enough. With that said, we need more intel readers, drop bands names from Madagascar, we will follow the leads easy.

They recorded the song (The Revolution) at their home studio as they have with the other two tracks, The Message and Who’s the Evil One. Their album ‘The Revolution’ is set to come out this year and we can’t wait as BTM have placed Madagascar in the map of African metal as they pull some of the heaviest and intense metal and convincing us here at Audioinferno. WELL DAMN SAYS WE HERE.

Listen to The Revolution

That’s a spark/angry song right there, stay tuned to Audioinferno for more on BTM and the Madagascar metal scene.

Watch the official live video of The Revolution

Now what we here at Audioinferno don’t understand is why would the old school metalheads and the new school metalheads be fighting giving the genre is also limited in Madagascar due to Satanism reasons. Is it to show supremacy ? Let us know what you guys think.

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