5 African Bands Nigerians will Love

A lot of Nigerians weren’t aware there were Nigerian rock bands in circulation. Sad, but true. Well, Nigerians aren’t that ignorant anymore. And they know things now. There are bands springing up every which way, here and there and it’s really got me excited for us, as Nigerians. So it got me thinking, now that they (Nigerians) know, what bands will they love to see most from around Africa. I thought this through and I said to me I said, “say no more other AxlPif, I’ve got you.”

Here are 5 bands Nigerians will go crazy for from around Africa.


Junkyard Lipstick: Can’t do this list without these well known ladies. With the Heavy Metal tag well stuck on them they will surely be able to get the crowd roaring with excitement. Don’t let the “all ladies” tag full you! They have rocker with the big boy and held their own well,  no crowd can shake or intimidate them!

Sigh, sadly as of the time of this article the band is no more which sucks nuts, we still have their albums to love but it sucks still.


Adorned in Ash: stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

“Nigerians love extreme metal”

And by extreme we mean death metal, metalcore, grindcore, doom metal and the likes. Yep, extreme. But what do you get when you mix these genres up a bit? You get a hybrid creation called Adorned in Ash. We could say a lot but we could also let you listen.



Poverty of Ideals: Progressive metal is just a joy to embrace. I can’t think of a band that does it so well like POI. They just get you and I see Nigerians losing their minds to these guys. If I can suggest here, I’d say you eat up everything they’ve put out, don’t worry you can’t go wrong with them, trust.



Mobbing Bali: We are stalking these guys. We confess. When I say “we” I actually mean me. We are sorry. But we aren’t sorry. See, indie rock is just… diferent. At one point we thought the indie genre wasn’t so liked in Nigeria, WRONG. You will find fans who aren’t looking for the heavy stuff and they probably want Mobbing Bali but don’t know it yet. So, I say to them who are listening to the song below, “you are welcome.”



No.XV: They describe their genre as “we can be soft and all loud” fitting honestly. We nominated their song , Dance with Devils in the Best Rock song category last year. Definitely a band to take note of. Plus the coolest thing about then is they give you the impression they’re your buddies. I don’t know really maybe it’s me or their songs get to me. I guess what I’m saying is they are extremely relatable!

But don’t you worry, this isn’t all we have, we have more. Look out for the next post on this here.

NOTE: Images used in this article are properties of the bands and photographer(s.) AudioInferno doesnt assume credit for the images used here, full credit goes to the bands and the photographer(s.)


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