South African Solo Act, Loki Rothman Gets AFRIMA 3.0 Nominations

Last but not the least is our interview with Loki Rothman, also a nominee for the Best Artiste/Duo/Group in African Rock. You see, one thing with Audioinferno, we all know the Afrima nominees for Best Artiste/Duo/Group in African Rock, we are familiar with their works. I mean, we have to be concerned, no?

South African guitar virtuoso and guitarist LOKI ROTHMAN has been in the South African scene for a long time. He has also mastered many genres on the guitar, also a songwriter and a music producer. Loki Rothman started his career when he ended up in the top 6 on the first season of SA’s Got Talent and from then, he has been doing good/noteworthy works in the South African music scene. Enjoy our brief interview with Loki Rothman.

Audioinferno: How do you feel about your Afrima nomination?

Loki Rothman:

Surprised, proud and excited.

Audioinferno: How do you feel about your fellow nominees and who do you think will win?

Loki Rothman:

All are great artists, I do think Francois van Coke has a good chance. He has taken Africa by storm in the past couple of months.

Audioinferno: What is your influence and have you ever listened to any of the nominees music?

Loki Rothman:

I am influenced by any music out there. I’ve listened to some of it but also discovered some awesome new music while going through the list.

Watch Under the Stars Video:

Audioinferno: How is your music received in South Africa?

Loki Rothman:

The people are into it. I’ve been based in SA my whole career and I have built a great fan base here.

Audioinferno: Categorize and describe your own music?

Loki Rothman:

It’s pop mixed with acoustic and electronic elements for this first album. I am moving in a bit of another direction with the new music that’s coming out.

Audioinferno: Are your supporters in South Africa familiar with Afrima?

Loki Rothman:

I must be honest not really, but they are now (laughs)

Audioinferno: Say something to your fans from around Africa?

Loki Rothman:

Thank you so much for supporting my music. Keep your eyes on Youtube and Instagram @lokirothman. There some cool stuff on the way.

Vote for Loki Rothman HERE

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