(EP Review) Memory Palace by Monolith

There’s something about Death Metal I won’t honestly understand, perhaps that makes me extremely unqualified to review this here. Perhaps. I have this annoying tendency to be overly honest with these things, what’s the harm there yes? With all this said, I love Eps. They seem like the one time where bands get to just do what they want in preparation for something bigger, an album perhaps or anything. Monolith a project band from Port Elizabeth, South Africa released an EP titled Memory Palace, and right off the first swing (first song) the EP intrigues. You know it’s a Death Metal album and yet, right after the first song, you aren’t sure what to expect next.

My opinion. Honest.

With Memory Palace, Monolith seem to have made a vengeful come back from their first EP, Legacy of The Opium Eater, listen HERE, broke down the main door shooting middle fingers every which way saying “well, you will listen to us, you will pay attention.” The project band has made a bold statement with this here.

Now, call me mentally crazy here but I sensed a bit of homage to old school Heavy Metal in songs like Torrential Rain and Relic, those melodic riffs? Am I the only one here, c’mon. I expect hardcore Death Metal purist to hurl chairs at me but I take em. This isn’t me treaating Death Metals as that long lost song of Thrash Metal, no sir. Not in the slights.

Let’s focus here on the review of the song Memory Palace II for a moment, done by my buddy Seyi of AudioInferno, here’s what he had to say:

“Monolith uses “Memory Palace II” to push the technicality of their songs without forgetting the brutality and speed that fans of death metal always expect. Together all the elements employed on this song created a darker and more brutal song that somehow gives us insight into what to expect on the EP. I would rate this song as a positive effort by the band. “Memory Palace II” will definitely win the hearts of any self-respecting death metal fan.”

Couldn’t agree more to this assessment really, it isn’t a just Death Metal fan’s album (EP), it represents staying through to the ‘form.’ The ferocity/savagery/insanity/barbarity that is this EP will put a subtle smile on the face of Death Metal purist. It’s hard not to think about this EP and visualize a mosh pit whirlpool. And right at the very core of this whirlpool, every lover of the genre raging. The EP does that to you. Gives you feels.

Monolith call themselves a ‘project band’ we will be hoping for more than that if this is what they can come up with when they individually have other things going for them.

We demand more!

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Final Rating: 



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