Africa! The first ever Kenyan rock music compilation album by Andromeda Music is out!

FIRST EVER ROCK COMPILATION ALBUM IN KENYA! They’ve all been in bands and they are still plus they rehearsed for hours and hours with little sleep. They have been singing, growling, screaming all their lives. Now this Kenyan rock artistes join heads together with Andromeda music to build a lasting legacy of an album that will make East Africa proud and Africa as a whole. What’s clear here is that ‘Underscore the Architect’ is the first ever rock compilation album to sprout up from the soils of East Africa. It has been well structured and planned. No argument that Andromeda music are very-very serious in what they are doing and they have boosted the kenyan rock scene to a full 100 percent. It’s not a game people, this is really happening.

Audioinferno has been aware of the album for a long time, we also waited patiently. Our own very Danjuma (of 1LastAutograph) from Nigeria is also featured in the Andromeda album. There are beautiful moments of genius spilled into this album. Andromeda music is known for making epic rock records with also massive production but this first ever Kenya rock compilation album by Andromeda is something better both musically and lyrically. 12 tracks in this album with 12 different scenarios, it’s not a concept album but something a lot more than that we assure you.

We here at Audioinferno believe change is sparked by a person having an idea and Andromeda music have done this by compiling different rock artists from Kenya to sing in their rock compilation album. It’s easy to look around and think ‘why bother, there’s no hope in the Kenyan rock scene’ but Andromeda music says no, there is hope! So, frankly speaking here, that there is just silly talk. Don’t be a negative Nancy. If you look at where you are and where you have been and where you are now, it’s possible to see that great change has come as a result of people being willing to stand up and be counted. YES, we just went all inspirational there on you guy, what will you do about that, write a hate mail?



Be expecting a review from Audioinferno and Support your local bands\m/


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