Kataklysm’s Kupboard: Birthdays, Road Trips, Wine glasses and Love!

What do you guys think??? I did my first ever acid wash tee! It says “Heathen” on it. Yes I am still suicide squad obsessed. Somebody said to me “hey are you sure you want to wear that? Cause you might offend people.” On google this is the definition: a person who does not belong to a widely held religion (especially one who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim) as regarded by those who do. To me that’s not an offensive word at all. It’s just you don’t belong to a “typical” religion. Well for me that’s kinda true I don’t lol. However I guess it is sort of labeling myself. Meh… I don’t know about other songwriters out there, but I am so in love with language. I love words and how we can play with them and how cleverly language can be used. Right now I like the word heathen I guess… Anyway so the point is yes I made this shirt, boy was it an experience. I don’t know if any of you have done an acid tee before it’s a little bit terrifying. This is how I kitted up to do it:

Here are some tips however if you ever want to try and do some stuff with bleach. First off:

  1. Do not mix it with water!!! It just makes the design more messy – use pure bleach!
  2. Do not use a spray bottle that locks. Mine locked half way through and I stupidly turned the bottle on myself to see what was wrong – it unlocked and luckily I moved fast enough but I nearly got bleach in my eye! Yaaaaaa!!!
  3. Keep all windows and doors open that stuff smells sooooo strong!!!
  4. Unless you don’t care about the back of the tee then keep a plank of wood between the 2 pieces of material.

But it’s a lot of fun and I got a badass tee out of it! Awwwww yissssss!!!

It was my amazing producer Bruce Williams of Mighty Music Productions birthday this past month! So Nate and I took a trip to Pringle Bay for a little weekend get away and a fat party. I got to meet the legendary Larry Amos and witnessed some amazing live music!! It was like sexy old school blues, oh that music does something to me! Was one hell of a rocking night!!

So what did I do for the birthday boy? What else, I made him t-shirts!! Very home design style but I think it worked out well!

The paint in person has a slight shine to it so it actually looks really nice!

Pringle Bay was really cool! A lot of, dare I say…. mutton dressed as lamb and I loved it! Old & young all came together to rock out it was a fun get away!

Of course Nate and I couldn’t help but show off our crooked style on stage – at the end of the show we ran on stage and rocked out Johnny B Good!

Anyway back to Cape Town I have found this amazing company called: THE ENGRAVE SLAVE!

They are so damn cool!! Here is their Facebook page

They make hand engraved glassware and they do a lot of music and comic book related things!! Obviously I could not resist! I bought a set of their wine glasses with the DC sirens engraved on them:

As you can see it’s got Harley, Cat Woman, Ivy and Bat Girl! HOW BADASS!!! They are huge glasses too perfect for me! As you can see I have already been enjoying them!

So now my ritual after my day of work (Teaching) if I’m not gigging. I pour some wine into my custom made wine glasses, put on my Batman pjs and read a comic book! Ahh blisss!!!

Yes I have Batman Pjs and these you can get at H&M actually! So please check out the Engrave Slave! They even replace your glass if it breaks at a lower cost. They do all sorts of glasses – actually when I went to FanCon a while back I saw them and bought Joker and Harley champagne glasses from them:

That’s all from me for now! See Crooked this Friday at Ellingtons and next Saturday at Mercury! Official printed merch will be available! Yes proper printed merch eeeeee!

On this leaving note I would like to leave you with something that has come up for me lately guys! Don’t be afraid to just be you! Whatever in the hell that is to you! You know why? You go to the grave alone you know taking others approval with you??? Pftt how will that matter? Whatever you want to do just damn well go and do! You can make your life whatever you want it to be! This may sound a bit silly to say on a fashion blog. But I will tell you guys something if you want to transform your life. Start small – start with the things you can control…then I promise you the rest will fall into place from there.

Love yourselves guys and stay Crooked! Be back next month with another edition of Kataklysm’s Kupboard!

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