African Rock Ambassadors (Nosmass Edition)

HELLO EVERYONE. It’s been a while. Hope you’re good? Okay.

Moving on

A few days ago I got a text from my friend who asked me to recommend the African rock bands that I thought were cool. She was asking because she could not remember most of the bands whose music I played for her to listen to (ps: She remembered MYRATH \m/)

But the question got me thinking, Maybe it would be nice if we had an article/post with a list of bands we’d gladly bet on to show the rest of the world that we have awesome rock and metal bands. So this is my attempt to give this list to you. Note that these are the bands/songs that I love.

So let’s get started!!!!

1) Myrath (Tunisia)

The song merciless times, was (and still) a beautiful display of talent and creativity. The unique sound of the band can be heard in this song from the first few second. It doesn’t matter if you’re more of an alternative or indie rock fan, you’d still find something to appreciate in MYRATH’s sound.

2) M’vula (Angola)

If you were EVER a fan of rap rock, rap metal, nu metal. Bands like Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Rage Against The Machines. YOU NEED TO CHECK THESE GUYS OUT. It’s a need!! A NEED!! From the moment I heard their song “VOLUME 10”, it was love and streaming continuously from YouTube (since that’s where I heard the song from). It’s no surprise that these guys won Best African Rock group at the 2015 African Rock Music Awards (AFRIMA). They even got 2 nominations for the 2016 awards!! Honestly I’m so happy they are getting the recognition they deserve.

3) The Liminals (South Africa)

There’s just something endearing about these Indie dudes. I don’t know how to explain it. I genuinely have no words to describe why i like these guys. But they are worth a listen, especially if you’re big on Indie.

4) Behind The Mask (Madagascar)

Now to the heavier part of the spectrum. Behind the mask, this is just really good metalcore. The dual guitar harmonies especially blew me away. One of the best metalcore songs I’ve heard from our beloved Africa. And there’s no clean singing, yet it still leaves an impression. The guitar work is just that good…!!

5) Lust of a Dying Breed (Kenya)

Only One word can describe their sound “BRUTALITY!!!”

And that’s it (For now) from Me. There’s a lot of bands I’d put on this list but I think this list gives the rest of the world a good taste of the diverse sounds our rock and metal scene have to offer. Do make sure to share this post with as many people as possible.

Support your local bands\m/


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