Aidan Martin Drops New Single ‘No Kind Season’

Aidan Martin releases their second single off his upcoming album ‘No Kind Love‘ which resonates with the sound of one’s soul. It seems to constantly seek liberation from the prescribed box. ‘No Kind Season’is a song that challenges conformity and questions the general interpretation of sanity. I feel that sometimes the reality of life becomes overwhelming and it’s hard to find meaning in this world,” – Aidan Martins.

Things in the world have become so expendable, including music in our fast paced lives and he continues to explain that, “To be confronted by mortality, loss of life and the passage of time, the mind becomes perceptive and can easily go astray. Yet at the same time, life is short and you just can’t stop – chasing hope and rising above this chaos and turmoil.

His latest single comes right after the successful release of his latest music video, Refugee. The title track and first release off his highly anticipated second blues-rock album coming up later this year.

Watch Refugee here

Both singles are now also available from iTunes:

Lyrics to No Kind Season:

By Aidan Martin

Hey you know I still remember the sound of your soul
It never leaves, burns like embers, yeah it fills the holes
This life is so unexpected, this could be your last
Alone now and you feel rejected, running from the past


Lost your mind and your reason
Ain’t no kind, kind of season
We all waiting in line, to some that seems fine

This life seems so long and aimless, I’m longing for the night
The city so dark and faceless, searching for the light
As we ride on, some won’t make it. Best you say your goodbye

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Saturday, 5 November 2016
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Sunday, 27 November 2016

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