(ALBUM REVIEW) Architecture of Aeons by Mezzanine Floor

 Architecture of Aeons


So let’s get one thing straight; Progressive Metal, Progressive death, Black metal and even Progressive Metalcore (yes there is such a thing) are not genres that many dare venture into. The Progressive sub-genre is full of all sorts of musical technicalities some of which, I don’t even know the names of so, when I was told that Mezzanine Floor were dropping a full length album, I really didn’t know what to expect as it is usually the case for progressive bands.

The Album:

So the album Architecture of Aeons starts off with an instrumental track “Strategmata” which then transitions smoothly into the nearly ten (10) minute track “Behold! Lusca“. This is followed by another approximately 10 minute track “Shine No More” which is a very groovy metal riff. The third full song, which also features some groovy riffs,”Trading Gallows for the Sun” is a little over 8 minutes long. After almost 30 minutes of groovy riffs, we are greeted with the acoustic driven “Behold! The Temple of Light.”

Asphodel Meadows” is divided into two tracks (Part 1 and 2). The second part of this song was a fun listen for me. As with a lot of the tracks on the album, it had a very groovy feel to the riffs. The song kicks off with a fun bass line and drums, which is then followed by the guitars. The vocals in this track are eerie and feel melancholic. There are no vocals for the most part, which is what I found interesting about the song.

Behold! the Ascention” is another track that was driven mostly by clean singing which is followed by “Withered Calla.” The track “Rending the Veil” may not be very appealing to listen to when you look at the 9 minute track length, But rock/groove riffs and the chorus of the song got to me. It’s probably the most memorable chorus on the album. The album comes to a close with “Mount Olympus.”


I think I have an idea the sound that Mezzanine Floor had in mind when crafting this album. The riffs are reminiscent of groove metal and post grunge bands. Now, I know that might sound like a mess, but it’s actually not. They actually pull it off. The vocals are well done and the way the tracks are mixed allow for smooth transitions between tracks. My reservations with this album are as follows:

Firstly,  It is not a very memorable album. One or two songs do stand out, but overall it is easy to get distracted when listening to this album especially if you are listening to it from the beginning to the end in the order of how the tracks are arranged.

Secondly, although this may be influenced by my listening experiences with Progressive Metal bands, but most times these bands have VERY interesting odd meter riffs and sometimes poly-meter. Sometimes they change tempos half way through a riff and switch back. There’s usually a lot of things going on when I listen to progressive metal bands so, even when a track is nearly fifteen minutes long, you’re kept on your toes as a listener because you don’t know what is coming next and i did not get that feeling from this album.

I’m of the opinion that the album would have been a more pleasurable listening experience if the songs were shorter. I’m hoping that Mezzanine Floor will do a better job of catching AND keeping the attention in their next effort because they actually have a some really nice ideas that just are not being expressed as best as they can be.

Final Rating:      3/5


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