(Song Review) Osinachi rock cover by Mac Roc

Mac Roc is not a newcomer to the rock scene in Nigeria, a rare talent who doubles as both producer and artist; his consistency and ability to deliver track after track has slowly but surely put him on the rock map in Nigeria.

The Song:


The cover for Osinachi originally sung by Nigerian singer Humblesmith starts with light strumming on the guitar, the bass drum maintaining a steady beat and light piano sounds. The verse begins with piano still playing lightly on the background and leads up to the chorus where the bass guitar finally starts playing.

After a short interlude by the lead guitar, the second verse begins (this time with full instrumentation) followed by a modulation into the chorus which is sung this time in a choral manner. The chorus is sung one last time after another modulation after which the lead guitar solos into the outro and the song ends.

The Osinachi rock cover stands out in some ways as a good cover in comparison with the original, however I found the production a bit lacking and the approach very “churchy”. This isn’t in anyway antagonism to church music, but the song truly comes off as a track that is having trouble deciding what it wants to be. I hoped that at some point in the song, it would firmly plant its feet on solid ground but to my disappointment that moment never came. The song in the end tried its best be an alternative rock song but didn’t hit the mark.


Whether this was totally the fault of the artist/producer or the nature of the song chosen to cover in the first place is beyond me. Nonetheless, it’s a good attempt and I definitely look forward to more songs from Mac Roc.

Final Rating:


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  1. Nice cover. Wish he slowed on the solos then built up to the chorous rising tho. It was so uptempo he was chasing the original. But if I didn’t know the original, I would love it

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