Mobbing Bali drops a New Video, Announces EP, Credo EP

Exciting times here folks, new video from Mobbing Bali and also news of an EP. Finally. We feel the continent and indeed the world deserves to see more of the band and we now have a music video and an EP dropping on November 25 to get overly excited about. I have seen the video, titled Maple Syrup. Real simple video really, catchy and sounds better every time you listen to it. Worth the share with your buddies who love the indie genre. A little clarity, Mobbing Bali deals in progressive indie. Figure it out we say.

Now concerning the EP, Credo EP, We don’t have enough information on that here. All we have to go on by is the post the band put up recently on their Facebook page. We suggest you follow the band on Facebook for more news. We will always provide the best we can here.
For all things Indie and Mobbing Bali, you are at the right place and as always folks, Support your local bands /,,/


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