Hatefield Release Album Cover for Their Fourth Full-Length Album Dramasutra

Hatefield is the only Industrial/Symphonic band out of Egypt. They just posted the cover of their fourth full-length album “Dramasutra” on their facebook page and announced its release date also. Hatefield was formed in 2009 and the band released its first album in 2012 titled “Scary Fairy Tales”. Hatefield announced that the album will be available in January 2017.


Rana Atef prepared the interview questions.

Audioinferno had a short interview with Hate Field founder and vocalist Alfi Hayati to tell us more about the upcoming record.

Audioinferno: I am Austin from Audioinferno.com, could you introduce yourself?

Alfi Hayati of Hatefield:

Hello Austin I’m Alfi Hayati Hatefield’s guitarist and singer.

Audioinferno: Alfi Hayati of the popular Odious ?

Alfi Hayati of Hatefield:

I played bass guitar with Odious for 11 years, in 2012 I walked into my path, but early this year I shared the stage with the guys again for one more/last time.

Audioinferno: Odious is a great band and I am glad you were part of the greatness.

Alfi Hayati of Hatefield:

Thanks man. It’s great that Odious is a part of my life.

Audioinferno: The new album called “Dramasutra“, why did you choose this title ?

Alfi Hayati of Hatefield:

Dramasutra is a lifestyle and a way of thinking, it’s a description/manual to those who exists but not really living. Drama is the air they breathe and the light that guides them, they are fed with negative energy, and they try to influence this to whoever surrounds them. It’s everything that anyone should not be!!

Audioinferno: There are some mutual similarities between the cover of “Dramasutra” and “Scary Fairytale“. Is the music or the concept in general between both albums is related to each other?

Alfi Hayati of Hatefield:

Well, “Dramasutra” is Scary fairy tale’s other shore of the ocean. Scary fairy tale was written during the most depressive era of my whole life, I was lost, torn and too blind to see any light coming. However, DramaSutra came out six years later, when I finally got my sight back, and now I’m totally guided by such brightness. Heart, soul and scars are all being healed now. Every bit of negativeness and drama should be put behind, and the fairy tale is no more scary . 🙂

Alfi Hayati of Hatefield

Audioinferno: You’ve released three records and each one carries an independent unique taste. There is “Scary Fairytale” with darkened clean vocals pitches and harsh ones, dynamic melodies full of hatred and anger. Then there is “Jaggerbomb” an attractive joyful album. And recently “Acoustic for A Night” with deep emotional acoustic taste based on harmony between originals and covers, What did Hatefield add to “Dramasutra” ?

Alfi Hayati of Hatefield:

I love to challenge myself, so I tried to come up with a whole new direction that I’ve never gone through. Hatefield’s earlier albums were enhanced with Industrial/symphonic sounds, it was kind of different from what other bands approach in the scene here. “DramaSutra” is a whole different story, there’s no single keyboard/synth note in the album, all guitar work with different varieties, it reflects the way I got attached to such music. My earlier influence, Metallica had lots of highs and lows, thick and smooth, heavy and mellow, all with guitars, bass and vocals, no polished sounds out there. It’s kind of old vs new heavy metal.
Audioinferno: Mahmoud Aly recently joined Hatefield’s line up, How did you choose him considering you stayed without a drummer from 2009 till 2015?

Alfi Hayati of Hatefield:

Its not too easy to find a permanent/committed drummer like Alexandria. So I had to depend on myself during writing the drum lines. Later, I got some help from my friend George Boulos – Odious drummer as a guest for a couple of gigs. Also the talented Alex Seif was helpful during our Acoustic, for a night session till I found Mahmoud, he has a lot of passion and he has a true metal heart and I hope his passion will be reflected during our upcoming concerts.
Audioinferno: Tell us more about the process of composing “Dramasutra”?

Alfi Hayati of Hatefield:

Thankfully I was in a good mood, so it was somehow smooth, except for the lyrics. It was challenging because of such major changes in my life, but now I am totally satisfied with it. Also, the contribution of other members was more effective and healthier than before.
Audioinferno: Hatefield last live performance was in 2015, why were you absent from the stage?

Alfi Hayati of Hatefield:

The stage is my all time favorite place to be. The process of composing and recording “Dramasutra” took a lot of time. Also, while I was doing that I had to work a lot for the first appearance with odious on stage since 2009. 2017 will hopefully be a busier year in the matter of live performances.
Audioinferno: You were a member in Odious for 10 years, then in 2015 you were chosen to be Odious’ live bassist. How did your experience with Odious’ affect you?

Alfi Hayati of Hatefield:

Well, throughout such journey I’ve learned a lot from playing along such great and talented Egyptian musicians. Basem is a musical genius, Rami was a discipline master, George is a passion machine, Darwish was a real artist. And all the other guys were amazingly in love with what they were doing. I was lucky to be around every one of them for such an inspiring time of my life. It’s such an amazing experience that without it I could never be where I am now. I’m thankful to everyone I shared such passion with.
Watch out for this guys and support your local bands \m/


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