Sinprophecy Releases New Record ‘Through Sacrifice and Redemption’

Through Sacrifice and Redemption
Through Sacrifice and Redemption is narrating different stories but they are all related and pouring at the same pot. The main theme of the album and the band as well is the relation between Sin and Humanity, this is what they tried to deliver in this release. They used the angry gloomy music and the strong explicit lyrics that was full of hatred and despair explaining sin in so many ways; it is like a story and each track is a chapter of it. They wanted the album to take you through a 40 minute journey that has a lot of mixed feelings (Hate, Love, Anger, Loss, Hope, shame…etc) and hope they did it well.
I can say that the album is a result of struggling years they’ve been through, ups and downs, unfortunate circumstances, moments of sadness, joy and believing. So in behalf of Sinprophecy, they would like to thank their great friends, fans and everyone who trusted them, supported them and believed in them throughout their short musical journey.

Through Sacrifice And Redemption

Through Sacrifice and Redemption

Sinprophecy’s album is available now for online streaming and purchasing in their bandcamp page.

Length: 40 Minutes

Releasing Date: 28th October 2016

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Music recorded at Vibe Studios For Developing Arts

Sound Engineer: Youssef Ahmad

Mixing & Mastering: Moanis Salem & Mohamed Tarek Alkhaleel

Guitars By: Mohamed Sa’eed, Elave Salah, Amr Mohamed

Drums By: Michel Khater & Ahmed Alaa El-Ghoul

Keyboard & Synth By: Abdel-Rahman Sherief

Vocals & Lyrics By: Sayed Ragai

Orchestral Arrangements By: Mohamed Tarek Alkhaleel

Artwork By: Sayed Ragai

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