Indie Band Forefront Releases Debut EP, ‘Polaroids’

Forefront has recently released their début EP “Polaroids”. “Polaroids” was released on November 14th 2016. It is the band’s personal take on the indie genre, incorporating all the nuances of each member’s musical quality. Written in Cape Town in 2015/2016, each song on the EP represents a ‘snapshot’ (hence the name) of the situations faced by a young adult; from the relief of letting go, to the pursuit of short-term summer love.

Forefront is fun, bouncing, foot-tapping tunes are pretty much in the selfsame league as fellow indie-rockers, Shortstraw and Beatenberg. And with our country’s music scene being widely dominated by the indie culture this can only bode well for Forefront. They are the type of band which would draw me to the front railing at a festival.” – Texx and the City

Polaroids” was recorded in the beautiful Cape Winelands at Digital Forest Studios with the talented Rawbone brothers, and mixed and mastered by the experienced Larry Pullen of Cue-Sonic Studios in Pretoria. The result is a collection of deftly produced songs that are characterized by defining moments such as the clinically performed rhythm section in “Hot Damn!”, the face-melting solo in “Head On Fire” and the jazzy vocal melodies present in “Mr. Patience”.

Their first single from the release, “Hot Damn!” has already been playlisted on a number of local radio stations nation-wide, while preorders for the EP have opened on all the major online platforms as well as for hardcopy and merchandise packages from the band’s website and social media. Forefront has coupled this publicity with a number of launch shows at venues such as Camp Bay’s iconic Dizzy’s, Mercury Live (CPT), Rumours Lounge (JHB), and Aandklas Stellenbosch along with many more.

About Forefront

Forefront is an energetic 4-piece indie pop-rock band from the Mother City. They are influenced by the likes of Maroon 5, Shortstraw, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their music is a collision of bouncy rhythms, catchy melodies and tasty harmonies, drizzled with a little rap. The band consists of:

Nick Andrews on guitar and vocals,

Taylor Jackson on guitar and vocals,

Nicholas Rous on bass and back-up vocals,

Jason Dionysopoulos on drums and synths.

Their previous single, ‘Happiest In Water’ was very well received. It’s being played on multiple radio stations, accompanied by their début music video.

 About ‘Hot Damn!’

Hot Damn!’ has quickly gained popular public action. It has been played on more than eleven local radio stations nationwide with large listenerships and diverse demographics. The song is themed around having the confidence to be who you want to be. It has a catchy sound and is guaranteed to have you and your parents’ feet tapping by the opening hook. ‘Hot Damn!’ debuted at No. 2 on the Coastal Radio SA English Top 20 and reached No. 1 in its second week. It is steadily climbing up the Zone Radio Top 40, having already reached the top 10 in its first week.

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For more information about the band’s debut EP, upcoming performances, please contact Ice Carstens at / 074 883 4159


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