Bulletscript Drops Press Release and Lyrics for Primordial

BULLETSCRIPT returned to DDM Studios in September 2016, to track their latest single Primordial, following an intensive pre-production process.

With a strong emphasis on simplicity, the new track marks a shift in the BULLETSCRIPT camp. Solid groove laden drums pinning down clean, syncopated riffing, give way to epic sludgy choruses, and burning thrash bridges, all topped off by an intense vocal delivery throughout. BULLETCRIPT is confident they have built upon the solid foundation provided on the Knotted EP.

Once tracking was completed the band had the pleasure of mixing with Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios. With a focus on making sure that the mix had the necessary punch and clarity, the mix made it’s way to Sweden’s Jocke Skogge (The Haunted / Feared) for the last master.

Lyrically the song also represents a shift from the socio-political lyrics from the Knotted EP (2014) to a more existentially complex topics. Taking aim at the concept of evolution and man’s perch at the top of the food chain, the song suggests we still live in a primordial world, no matter how we try to dress it up.

It has been a great year for the band as the current line up solidifies and continues to grow. ‘Primordial‘ marks the beginning of the album recording process that will see a release next year. The band intends to repeat the formula with thorough pre-production, but will be working exclusively with Dean Bailey during tracking and mixing.

Watch the studio version of the video here and you can download “Primordial”free in their bandcamp page.


Primordial Lyrics

Step into, this state in time
Step into, primordial light
Leave behind the endless night
And see the way caste forth in flight
Tumbling worlds
Drift apart
Bending enertial will
Into what seems like goals
Chaos order constant cycle
These small truths we all know
Gigantic truths remain

Burning Ember
Trapped in the beast
Primordial Cage

Stretching out, front and behind
Left and right, up and down
Inside outside, all around
This downside up and upside down

Burning Ember…

Time to fight
Time to run
Time to pay
Time to pay your fucking god
Chaos reign
World insane
Just too easy
Mastering, delivery of pain!


Step into this state of time
Step into primordial light
Leave behind the endless night
And see the way caste forth in flight!

Burning Anger
Trapped in Stone
Primordial Cage!

Released October 25, 2016
Recorded at DDM Studios
Mixed by Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios
Mastered by Jocke Skog
Artwork by Tadas Sidlauskas

Special thanks to Jocke Skog, Alec Surridge and Dean Bailey

Catch the remaining BULLETSCRIPT shows this year, on:

  • 26th November at Aandklas (Stellenbosch) and
  • 3rd December at Mecury Live (Cape Town).

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