Surdus’ New Album’Tarnished by Decay’ Is Out!

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Surdus formed in 2012 with the idea of emulating some of our idols in the deathcore syndicate such as Whitechapel, Job For A Cowboy and Impending Doom. That was the idea and for reasons beyond our own explanation we ended up heading down a more melodic path blurring the borders of melodic death metal and groove metal. At this stage Surdus was a five piece band. We recorded our first EP, titled “Hollow“. The production on the EP was lacking and it was never a formal release. We rather used it as an indicator of our sound for gig organisers.

Band Members 

Alec Larsen – Guitars/Vocals
Simon Werner – Bass/Vocals/Arrangement
Shane Jackson – Vocals
Eben Pepler – Drums

After a flurry of line-up changes we had to decide in which direction to take the band. This was around the time of WitchFest and after seeing SepticFlesh and Fleshgod Apocalypse live the decision was made to re-envision our current melodic death groove metal sound to include the use of symphonic elements. The reaction has been super-positive and we truly believe it’s because we bring something completely different to the table. They play Symphonic Groove Metal/Melodic Death Metal.

Album Description

What does “Tarnished By Decay” sound like? Well, it is very difficult to describe as it is quite unique. Some people will pick the melodic death metal influence and will label it such. Others will recognize elements of industrial metal, because of the crushing 7 string guitars. But one thing is for sure, there is tons of groove with heavy orchestral foundations on “Tarnished By Decay”. Surdus has decided to label this genre of metal as Symphonic Groove Metal. Over ten months we have poured our love into this album, ensuring we deliver the best in our début album. Everything we did on this Tarnished By Decay was with quality in mind.

We commissioned an extremely talented artist in the form of Jason Modryc of Writhe Creations and as you can see he delivered a masterpiece. The band recruited local metal legend producer Allen Purkiss of Dreamlab Studio (SacriFist, Spectral Realm, In Misery, Instrumetal, Gates of Aaru and the list goes on) to mix and master this album and bring our heavy and unique sound to life. We had some guest vocalists, comrades on the metal battlefield that we had the honour of sharing the stage with.

Be sure to visit their bandcamp PAGE and listen to their album and await the review here at Audioinferno.



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