Zainab Sule releases video for “Fire Down Below”

Nigerian rocker, Zainab Sule, has finally released the long-awaited video for one of her more popular songs, Fire Down Below. The video which was directed by David Osagie features Zainab playing alone initially before being joined by the full band later on. The song which was originally written by Zainab for her church (as can be seen with the church-friendly lyrics) was later “spiced up” and released as a single. It still retains its Christian overtones, and tells the story of a young Zainab resisting the temptation to get physical with a muscular looking fellow. It’s an interesting counterpoint to the current trend in Nigeria of songs asking the opposite: telling us to give in to the “fire down below.”

The video:

When I asked Zainab about the video, she had this to say:

Fire Down Below is a song that speaks mostly about sex and the temptations we face unashamed as individuals. We needed a video that could translate those emotions across the screen, and do the song justice. And I think we did that.

Do you agree? Does the video do a good job of translating the song? Support your local rock acts and be sure to share this video!

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