(Song Review) Cheap Happiness by Clay

clay Cheap HappinessThis isn’t one of Clay’s finest moments and at this point it’s so easy to point fingers at people, I confess I actually want to. As a lot of you know we have been critical of Clay in the past for reasons ranging from ‘what genre she favors most’ to ‘how is it that she seems to switch genre with every song release.’ It’s all confusing really. Clay recently released a song called Cheap Happiness and well…

The Song:

What exactly is Cheap Happiness? What genre is it? It’s so hard to tell. OK. Put a pin in that there. What genre of Rock does Clay belong to? Finding it difficult to tell, too? Same problem I am having here. A bit of a struggle with an identity I reckon and it’s telling on her songs. They all seem to vary. From Potatoes to this. Cheap Happiness is a bad attempt at a catchy song (if she was going for the Pop Rock genre which we assume she was.) It isn’t catchy, it isn’t memorable, and it doesn’t grow on you like other Clay songs do. It’s that bad. The song fails at every area we can possibly imagine, lyrically it’s chaotic, structurally it’s abysmal and that chorus… It doesn’t match up to Clay’s potential, heck, she wasn’t even trying here. Perhaps she bowed to the pressure of releasing a song and gave us this. We are sorry if we asked a little too much but this here, is beneath Clay. The song gets a lot more confusing when you start to ask what genre Clay deals with. We ask that you refrain from asking THAT before you listen to the song or during. Just, don’t. I feel there was a bit of experimentation on this song. Perhaps she wanted to try something a little different. I’m probably making excuses for her at this point.


We all have a clear idea of where Clay should be, we all heard Clay sing with ParkingLotGrass, we dared to dream big after that but with this song we can say Clay is stuck in loop of mediocrity here. And it isn’t doing her any good. In the past I’ve been overly critical about her producer, Coldflames (I still am) and it makes me wonder at this point, are they good for each other? An argument for another day. While most will argue that Clay can do what she wants and we will agree, but where we won’t agree is if by some Druid magic someone calls this song here, Cheap Happiness a Rock song. No sir/ma’am, this is anything but a rock song. I’ll be honest here I am trying to find a little something to love about this but it’s just so hard. Is there any change coming, we hope so but that change will only come (I assume) when Clay finally nails the definition of a rock song (or a Pop rock song.) Take a pick.

Final Rating: 



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