Before Crush and Odious features in Loudwire’s ”10 Awesome Metal bands from Surprising Countries”

This month, The Egyptian Oriental Black/Death Metal band “Odious” and Angolan metalcore band “Before Crush” were featured in a Loudwire video entitled “10 Awesome Metal bands from Surprising Countries” posted by Loudwire.

Odious (Egyptian Black Metal)

Odious is one of the well-known Metal bands in Egypt and one of the leading Black Metal bands in Egypt. It is the first Egyptian band has connected the basic folk riffs and oriental instruments to the pure extreme Black Metal music. The band was formed in Alexandria in 1998 as a Doom Metal band with oriental Black Metal touches. Then the band changed its genre to Oriental Black Metal. It released 3 releases are: Summoned by Night “2003”, Mirror of Vibrations “2007 and Skin Age “2015”.

Watch Odious’ New Mystery (Skin Age) Video

Skin Age is one of the greatest Metal releases in the History of not only Egypt but for the Middle East and Africa. In April 2016, they made a successful show in Metal Blast Festival when they performed Skin Age for the first time live. The band announced that they canceled their agreement with The Leaders Group, then Odious released their “Skin Age” for free on their official “Bandcamp” account. The current line-up of the band is Bassem Fakhry (vocals) and George Boluos (Drums) in addition 2 live members: Amr Medhat from The Egyptian/British band “Awaken Within” (Guitar) and Alfi Hayati from The Egyptian Metal band “Hate Field” (Bass).

Before Crush (Angolan Metalcore)

Before Crush is one of the best metalcore bands to come out from Africa. They are Angolan and they are very serious in what they do. They are awesome, their stage persona is the metal evil itself. Before Crush was initially known as Nightmare Today between 2004 – 2006 with Costina, Ladino, Daniel Bodao and Nivaldo as band-lineup. They played power metal with an influence of punk rock before they changed their name to Before Crush in 2006. Before Crush are a metalcore band formed in Lobito Angola, in 2006. They have also seen several lineup changes over the years.

Watch Before Crush’s A Bruxa Video

Before Crush are one of the few African bands to be called to perform in Germany. They performed at Bayern festival in 2013 . They also featured in a CD compilation with  4 other bands from the label CUBE Record’s entitled “YOU FAILED NOW WE RULE  Ladino, the vocalist of the band is a force to reckon with, he has the tendency of messing you up with his vocals. His crossover potential are also awesome.  They performed in Rock no Rio Festival at Angola this year. The biggest rock festival to come out from Africa this year apart from the Iron Maidens performing in South Africa . They also featured in our top 10 metalcore bands in Africa.

This article was written by Rana Atef who wrote on Odious while Austin wrote on Before Crush.

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