Do you suffer from Track Order Conundrum?

Dark Suburb track list track order

Tracklist for Dark Suburb’s last album

Hello, everyone. I’m going to talk about something that only a few people I know actually take notice of. And that is track order. By that I mean how tracks are arranged or placed on an album. I know some of you readers are wondering “track order? Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Oh but there is time for it. Almost every music review site I visit actually takes the track order into consideration. The awesomeness or mediocrity of a song can be watered down or made more obvious depending on how your songs are ordered on an album.


Now I know me emphasizing this might seem strange to some, especially those that listen to their music on shuffle. But hear me out. You see, an album is kind of like a journey through a new land. Or a story being told with the instruments, the musical progressions and sometimes the lyrics. All “stories” start differently. In some cases there’s a melodious intro, other times it’s balls to the wall anarchy right out the gate. Some keep the tempo going while others start high and slow it down (or vice versa). In some cases, it’s back and forth: High energy to low energy, all the way through to the end. The possibilities are quite infinite. Some might just decide to make it all chaotic with random levels of energy and it still makes for an engaging listening experience.

Having your playlist on shuffle isn’t a crime at all. I’m not condemning it. However, I don’t do it because I’m not usually in the mood for certain sub genres and my music library is full of all sorts of music, even classical. But when I am listening to an album I have not heard before, I always keep to the track order and savor the journey. In doing this I have realized there are a lot of bands that actually weave their music in such a way that if listened to out-of-order, will make for an underwhelming listening experience. An examples of bands that you just CAN’T listen to on shuffle are Hope For The Dying, Opeth and even S.A’s own Mezzanine Floor.

Final Thoughts

I also recently discovered that the feeling you get from some songs when you listen to the album in order is way different. Well, it is for me. An example is the Lowborn album by Anberlin. This was announced to be the final album by the band. So imagine when the last track on the album titled Harbinger came up:

”We’ll live forever/we’ll come together/ I don’t wanna go now/ but I know I’ got to…”

It’s like the last new Anberlin song I heard was one where the band was telling me goodbye. It was amazing. So for all my shuffle loving brethren, I know it’s fun for you anticipating what song chance might play next (I’d rather pick songs at random myself) but do give the track order way a chance. You might come to love it

Yeah, and support your local bands. Rock on \m/


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