Aidan Martin drops New Single ‘Never Forget You’

Aidan Martin
Originally from Pretoria, Aidan Martin lost both his parents at a very young age, leaving him with a wide-open and vulnerable soul always in search. “My mother was a music teacher and played piano, cello, and the flute, while my father sang and played the guitar. I remember hearing the baby Yamaha Grand Piano through the air vents all the way in my room,” Aidan says of his early years. The theme of soul-searching and remembrance resonates clearly throughout each new amazing rock track released by this nostalgic, old soul musician.
Aidan proudly releases his third single off his upcoming album singing the age-old song, searching for the sun and finding himself right at the point where they had begun.
Never Forget You’  “is a song about that extraordinarily special person some get to meet in their lives. Someone who accepts you as you are, picking you up and standing by you no matter what the situation and someone who repeatedly encourages you to believe in yourself. Relationships don’t often last forever, whether good or bad they are part of the journey. Yet every now and again, there is a special case – where there is an everlasting effect…” Aidan sentimentally explains.

It is also no surprise that the alternative music sphere has embraced the last two singles from his forthcoming album in its last stages of production being done by award-winning producer, composer and songwriter, Graham Ward – who has worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Ray Charles, Bee Gees and Toni Braxton.

Aidan latest singles are now also available from iTunes:

At the helm of steering ‘Never Forget You’, ‘No Kind Season’ and ‘Refugee’ into world-class production is Graham Ward. “Graham brings his years of industry experience and compelling talents to the table and adds that extra ingredient to the music. We’re very lucky to be working with someone of his calibre,” Aidan said and continued, “I write the lyrics and music, while Jorik and André are always ready to bring their A-game. We go into studio, we record and we trust Graham to work his magic.”

Aidan Martin

Lyrics to ‘Never Forget You’ By Aidan Martin

You picked me up when I was down
Gave me some hope in this dark and lonely town
You helped me see the light
All was lost no land was in sight


I’ll never forget you, no I …
I’ll never forget you… x2
I’m walking wounded, yeah I’m feeling kinda numb
Yeah I hoped that this day would never come
I foresaw this time of famine
It’s haunted me and troubled my sleep
Everything changes and everything stays the same
It’s a winding road, that’s coming to an end
I wish this desert was behind us
I wish this world could never find us
Now we find ourselves right back where we begun
Singing the age-old song and searching for the sun
Chorus x2

 Aidan Martin Gig Guide:

Thursday, 17 November 2016
Venue: Balboa Bar
Address: 18A Andringa St, Stellenbosch
Time: 18h00
Entrance: Free
Wednesday, 23 November 2016
Venue: Yours Truly
Address: 73 Kloof St, Schotsche Kloof, Cape Town
Time: 16h00
Entrance: Free
Saturday, 26 November 2016
Venue: The Nameless Bar
Address: 101 Main Rd, Lionviham, Cape Town
Time: 18h00
Entrance: Free
Friday, 2 December 2016
Venue: Gecko Bar
Address: 24A Still Street, New Harbour, Hermanus
Time: 19h00
Entrance: Free
Friday, 16 December 2016
Venue: Perigators
Address:  381 Crescent St, Pringle Bay
Time: 20h00
Entrance: Free

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