Egypt Meets Metal Grinders Vol. 4 Line-up

Egypt is getting ready for meeting a new Metal concert which is Metal Grinders Vol.4. The line up of the concert consists of 2 Alexandrian bands and 2 bands from Cairo. The concert is going to be held in Al Sawy Culturewheel on 7th December 2016. AudioInferno contacted Ahmed Sokkar from Infernum Expectat, Ahmed Hassan from Mythos, Ahmed Samy from Bovem, and Bahaa El Kresly from Segadoras. Through this interview, you will have the chance to know what you are going to see on the stage in the forthcoming Metal Grinders Vol.4.

I will start with Infernum Expectat. Infernum Expectat is a rising Melodic Death Metal band with Progressive touches. It is formed in 2011 as a tribute band, and then it moved to produce its own music. The members of the band are: Mostafa Alaa, Amr Alaa, Tarek Ibrahim, Hossam Gendy, Khaled Ahmed, and Ahmed Sokkar and It released a one single entitled “War of Oppression“. Infernum Expectat announced that they are working on its first full length. Also, it was the second announced band in Metal Grinders Vol.4 line up. AudioInferno contacted Infernum Expectat’s drummer ‘Ahmed Sokkar‘ to know his thoughts.


AudioInferno: Firstly, how did Metal Grinders contact you?

Ahmed Sokkar of Infernum Expectat:

Actually, some members met Bahaa El Kresly while planning Metal Grinders Vol.4 so he needed bands to take part in the upcoming Metal Grinders, so we liked to take part in this event.

AudioInferno: How did you receive that as you are a new band, released only one track, and first time to face the audience?

Ahmed Sokkar of Infernum Expectat:

The whole band was very excited about it, so we decided to work harder since it’s a great chance to be more known in the metal scene. We hope people like our music and our presence on the stage.

AudioInferno: You are playing Melodic Death Metal music, why did you choose this genre to play? And, is it challenging?

Ahmed Sokkar of Infernum Expectat:

Well, at that time it was the favorite genre for most of the band members also, it’s really challenging to write these catchy riffs and melodies. It takes time and effort.

AudioInferno: What are you going to play in the concert?

Ahmed Sokkar of Infernum Expectat:

We are going to play almost all the songs from our upcoming album.

AudioInferno: What is your album talking about?

Ahmed Sokkar of Infernum Expectat:

The album talks about general life subjects such as philosophy, psychology, the human nature and we also added some historical themes in some lyrics.

AudioInferno: Finally, send a message to the people who are going to attend your show in Metal Grinders.

Ahmed Sokkar of Infernum Expectat:

We want to tell people “Be ready and prepare your necks, because you won’t be able to stop headbanging. Regarding our new album, we will start recording the album soon. Hopefully, it will be released in 2017, so wait for it.

Thank you Infernum Expectat and best of luck!!

After talking to Infernum Expectat, we moved to one of the Alexandrian participated bands in Metal Grinders Vol.4 which is Mythos. Mythos also was formed as a tribute band then it decided to play originals. It is formed in 2011 as Metalcore/Groove band and its members are: Ahmed Hassan, Amr El Gendy, Peter Samir, Ahmed El Kholy and Gasser Helal. So, we met Ahmed Hassam a.k.a Psycho to show his thoughts towards Metal Grinders Vol.4 .


AudioInferno: Playing Groove and Metalcore music is not that easy, especially, in Egypt. Why did you choose this music to play?

Ahmed Hassan of Mythos:

We took our influences from our favorite band “Lamb Of God”, we loved their music and lived with their albums one by one, we thought that we could make something like it, but with our own thoughts and ideas and the entire band members are helping to make it happen, and we are doing it so far from 2011.

AudioInferno: You announced that Ahmed El Shamy and Mahmoud Aly left the band before the concert with 2 weeks, why did they leave after a 5 year Journey with Mythos?

Ahmed Hassan of Mythos:

In fact, it was a matter of difference of opinions. We are still friends and we wish them the best of luck.

AudioInferno: You announced Peter Samir and Ahmed El Kholy as new members in Mythos, How did you choose them?

Ahmed Hassan of Mythos:

We all knew them from also a very long time, we are sure that they are able to go through the hardest time with us and they have already proven it, we are counting on them to make it true and live a great concert with them.

AudioInferno: What are you going to play in the concert?

Ahmed Hassan of Mythos:

We will play our originals from the first upcoming album; will name it Eternal Rage as a tentative name. Of course any updates, we will let you know!

AudioInferno: Will you revive the old times and introduce cover for Lamb of God?

Ahmed Hassan of Mythos:

Sure, they are the gods of the Groove/Metalcore, but we will surprise you!

AudioInferno: What is your plan after the concert?

Ahmed Hassan of Mythos:

We don’t have the time to take a break, we will begin with the recording sessions for our album and we will prepare for another concert but so far we are still waiting for a confirmation, also will let you know all the updates very soon.

Thank you guys for having this interview with us and good luck

The third one on our list is Bovem band. Bovem is a new Blackened Death Metal band from Alexandria which is formed in 2014. The band released one single entitled “Cryptic Desolation of Chaos“. The track is met with a big success in Africa. Bovem participated in their first concert in the last Walls of Death concert in 2015. The members of the band are: Mohamed Safwat, Mohamed Hany, Shady Mohamed and Ahmed Samy.


AudioInferno: You were searching for a new bassist, did you find him?

Ahmed Samy of Bovem:

Yes we did

AudioInferno: This year, you announced that Mostafa Sokkar left the band, why did he leave?

Ahmed Samy of Bovem:

He decided to left for personal reasons also shortage of time.

AudioInferno: How did you contact Mohamed Safwat to join Bovem?

Ahmed Samy of Bovem:

It was really good to meet such a person and spirit; a friend suggested both of us the idea and it went right.

AudioInferno: You released a new successful track “Cryptic Desolation of Chaos”, what is talking about?

Ahmed Samy of Bovem:

It talks about the desolation and chaos caused by war of gods.

AudioInferno: How did Metal Grinders contact you?

Ahmed Samy of Bovem:

It’s Bahaa who contacted who me to join and it was welcomed.

AudioInferno: Is there any chance to perform in Alexandria?

Ahmed Samy of Bovem:

We really wish to perform in our city specially it always been full of activity and finest bands. We would take any chance.

AudioInferno: How is the scene in Alexandria?

Ahmed Samy of Bovem:

The scene in Alexandria is in between 4 or 5 bands now, I wish there were more but I think we got at least 3 of the best/strongest Egyptian metal bands, people knows this.

AudioInferno: What are you going to play in your second show?

Ahmed Samy of Bovem:

We’re going to play our album “Ominous” and a surprise.

Thanks guys for your time and good luck.


Finally, it is Segadoras‘ turn. Segadoras is one of the most active bands in Egypt. It is a Melodic Death Metal band in Egypt and it released the first Metal release in 2016 which is The Undefeated ft. Ahmed Safwan. We met Segadoras’ front man ‘Bahaa El Kresly’ and he is also one of Metal Grinders Festival organizers.

AudioInferno: Segadoras always has a unique style on the stage; will you do that in the upcoming concert?

Bahaa El Kresly of Segadoras:

We always do new styles on the stage because we want to make a new thing in every performance for us.

AudioInferno: Will you play any new or unreleased tracks?

Bahaa El Kresly of Segadoras:

Yeah, we have 1 new track is talking about the wars and the victims in this wars it will be a great track, and we have a guest in this track, he’ll be a big surprise for the fans.

AudioInferno: Do you hide any surprises?

Bahaa El Kresly of Segadoras:

Yeah we have two surprises; one of them will announce it soon on our page, and the other it is like being on the stage.

AudioInferno: What are your plans for the next year?

Bahaa El Kresly of Segadoras:

We want finish recording our album and after that we plan to make a concert outside Egypt.

AudioInferno: Segadoras are not just a participant band but they are the organizers of the event, how did the idea of planning or organizing an event as Metal Grinders?

Bahaa El Kresly of Segadoras:

The idea that’s we want to be active and do more concerts , but not means that we won’t perform in another event, we have no problem to perform in another event.

AudioInferno: What are the problems you face?

Bahaa El Kresly of Segadoras:

We faced a lot problems , one of them that our guitarist Ahmed Mostafa left the band because of some issues in his life but have now the new guitarist Mohamed Rajab , he will be a big surprise for the fans next concert, he is a marvelous talented and performer.

AudioInferno: In your point of view, what are the problems live concerts in Egypt face?

Bahaa El Kresly of Segadoras:

We have a lot of problems in the live concerts one of them the audience must appreciate the bands and their work and must come to support the bands in the events “also the Egyptian bands”.

Segadoras, Thank you for this interview and best of luck.

So, After revealing the different thoughts, feelings and ideas in the minds of the 4 participated bands in the upcoming Metal Grinders Concert. As they told, you are going to see a great show and a big performance. Those bands need and deserve your support so see you in Metal Grinders Vol.4. For more information on this event, go to their facebook page .

Special thanks to Adam Mohamed The Manager of Egyptian Metal Archive page, Amr Monsef and Mahmood Amr, the managers of The Egyptian Metal Scene page and Bahaa El Kresly and Ahmed Essam Nassar the organizers of Metal Grinders Festival.

Interviewed by: Rana Atef for Audioinferno

Rana Atef

Rana Atef is one of the youngest active female reviewers in Egypt. She is one of the Admins of The Egyptian Metal Scene page, One of the Admins of The Egyptian Metal Archive, Writer/Reviewer at Rock Era Magazine, Writer/Reviewer at Jorzine and The Egyptian Representative at JoScene. She started writing at the age of 17. She has more than 80 published reviews through only 3 years. She joins AudioInferno to have a greater view of the whole African Metal Scene.


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