Veritatem Solam Releases Debut Album “Unholy Protrusions of Divinity”


Veritatem Solam which means ‘Only the Truth’ is a melodic death metal band formed in Cairo, Egypt’s capital in 2006. They have just released their début album after 10years!. We hell are working on the review already.

Veritatem Solam – Only the Truth – started working on the album “Unholy Protrusions of divinity” 10 years ago back in 2006. The album, as its name suggests, is mainly addressing and discussing spiritual dilemma and mass-manipulation that’s being applied by authorities and governments. Veritatem Solam clearly addresses the conspiracy theories over the history of humanity in an objective, unbiased way. As the name of the band states, only the truth has been the main purpose and drive for the album composition trip. The “Unholy Protrusions of Divinity” stated by Veritatem Solam in this album are mere results of waste, pain, ignorance, rejection, disbelieve, arrogance and regret, from how they see it. The album however, cannot be described without the rich lyrical content. “Unholy Protrusions of Divinity” is the first journey and is the start of a longer journey that is life lasting and forever remaining.

Watch their video Wheels of Waste below

I have listened to the album and it already has that WOW factor on me. Bands like Veritatem Solam are proving that the Middle Eastern metal scene is steadily gaining momentum. To get their album, visit their bandcamp page.

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