NaytanNaytan dropped a new single and I dropped everything I was doing to go listen. Was it worth it? I guess we’ll find out won’t we? Let’s jump right into it. The song begins with light strumming on the guitar and light strokes on the cymbals, followed shortly by Naytan’s vocals on the verse as the drums maintain a steady beat. The verse progresses smoothly into a hook-chorus amalgamation that utilizes chants and echoes (Uuuuuuh) towards the end giving it a smooth silky effect.

The second verse progresses in the same fashion but this time he uses echoes a lot more. The chorus is also much of the same except that this time, Naytan sings a lot more add lips over it and the lead guitar solos just underneath Naytan’s add lips giving it more spice. A short bridge is sung after this and we quickly return to the chorus-chant as Naytan fills the song with more add lips until the song slowly winds to an end. The first thing I noticed and must commend about this song is that it’s ‘intentional’. Nothing about this song was a mistake and it really feels like everything is exactly where Naytan intended it to be.

That being said, I’ve seen Naytan play live and judging from the song and his live performances he seems to favor the use of echoes and chants. This works perfectly for him given the nature of his voice and his style, but it reaches a point where it starts to overcompensate and this worries me. In this song, he used echoes up until the very last note he sang and I believe he needs to dial it down a little bit.


All things considered, this is a great song and I love it for what it is. My only issue is that ultimately it’s not a rock song and that puts me in a weird place when I think about how to rate it. Nonetheless, Naytan is a real gem and I’m definitely curious about what he does next.

Final Rating:  3.5/5

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