[Review] Crescent releases it’s first music official video ‘Pyramid Slaves’


This year, the international Blackened Death Metal band “Crescent” released its first music video “Pyramid Slaves”.


The Video

The video is shot in two settings: the first part is shot in a studio. Here, the members of the band give a lovely performance to the viewers, an active performance complete with head banging and dynamic changing scenes. These scenes are well captured especially as it reflects the style and the mood of Crescent’s music.

The second setting of “Pyramid Slaves” scenes is captured at the historical scene of the Pyramids and the ancient Egyptian site of the Pyramid’s workers tombs. It is really great as it tries to reflect the magic of the orient in both auditory and visual levels. My problem with the video is the model. I understand that she tries to reflect the beauty of Egypt as the image of beautiful queen. The model appeared with a black dress which is good and suitable for the music and with well-chosen accessories but, I do not think the nail polish which is light blue is pleasant. That said, I appreciate the accessories the members of the band used and the usage of the Ankh symbol. My second problem is the quality of the acting which is over the top to a high degree. It didn’t feel real and it wasn’t attractive, Crescent could just capture the scenes in the pyramid with their performance and skip the acted parts; it would be way better.


Finally, Crescent did a good job capturing a music video for one of their most successful tracks and it is still a good video even with the issues highlighted.

Final Rating 




Rana Atef

Rana Atef is one of the youngest active female reviewers in Egypt. She is one of the Admins of The Egyptian Metal Scene page, One of the Admins of The Egyptian Metal Archive, Writer/Reviewer at Rock Era Magazine, Writer/Reviewer at Jorzine and The Egyptian Representative at JoScene. She started writing at the age of 17. She has more than 80 published reviews through only 3 years. She joins AudioInferno to have a greater view of the whole African Metal Scene.


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