[E.P Review] 30 Years by Massive Scar Era

This year, Massive Scar Era released a new EP entitled ‘30 Years‘. The Ep contains 4 tracks: Alive, Despite My Well, 30 Years and Fairest of All.

The First track is Alive. Actually, the track makes me confused. It is a strong dynamic start for an album. The variety between the clean vocals and the brutal ones combines the sweet soul with the bitter pain and wounds. The strong Guitars tunes, the darkened bass lines, the harsh drums beats and the scorching melodies of violin reflect the pain of the self and the conflict between good and evil.

Despite My Will is a surprise for all Massive Scar Era fans, because of its Arabic lyrics. The track has started with calm guitars tunes with clear bass lines then the music has become stronger with the sounds of the violin. The violin takes the epic riffs as the background of war. Mascara through its career talks about certain kind of war especially the feminine inner war. It ‘s really surprising when you hear Arabic brutal stuff. In 3:18, we meet the first solo is a conversation between the Guitar and the Violin. The Guitar is the hero but the sounds of the violin beat the Guitar. In 4:30 the oriental part comes, Mascara sometimes combines some oriental riffs to its stuff.

30 Years starts strong start with vocals and instruments. When we talk about 30 years, we talk about 30 years of memories, 30 years of fights, 30 years of pain, 30 years of experience so the track itself with its different stages is a reflection of a personal experience. The Brutal vocals with Clean reflect only one thing the sweet pink dreams with the harsh reality of the world. When you have many dreams then they fall to the ground under the name of Reality. You become trapped in yourself and searching for a tiny ray of hope to believe in and to save you. 30 Years is a new step in Mascara’s career, it is the continuity of what Mascara does. In 3:06, the Violin solo begins. While I am hearing 30 Years, I felt the choirs gives me an impression as I am listening to Evanescence mood.

The Fairest of All starts with attractive powerful Guitar tunes then followed by the Brutal vocals. When it comes to the choirs, you will listen to lines from one of El Motnabi famous poems. I like the harmony what the guitars do through the track. Although the idea of combining Arabic classic taste is brilliant, I didn’t like it. I felt that it goes out the riff. Another note, when it comes to standard Classic Arabic poetry so you should look at two sides the reasons for those lines and right Arabic pronunciation.

The reasons stand behind Al-Mutanabbi’s poem is his crisis with one of the kings called “Saif Al Dawla Al Hamadany” then Al-Mutanabbi documents this crisis in his poem, moreover, he praises himself and blames “Saif Al Dawla Al Hamadany”. Actually, those lines were the reasons for Al-Mutanabbi death as one of this poem’s line called “The Line who Killed his Writer”. The Arabic critics use the personalization to confirm the importance of the poem. Another note about the poem that it is considered one of the Major poetic Arabic words, in addition, this poem is taught in the Egyptian Secondary Schools if you want to ask about the sources. Back to Mascara, “The Fairest of All” has no violin lines. I felt that the track takes some touches from Grindcore.

To sum up, 30 Years is a good new step in Massive Scar Era’s career but I think the previous stuff is stronger. Mascara introduces new experimental trials through the EP as adding poetic lines, adding Arabic lyrics, and composing faster and harsher music. The length and the form of “Alive” and the “Fairest of All” reflect few touches from Grindcore music. The EP is a memory for the band members after passing 30 years old and what they pass through.

30 is also a psychological number for every female on Earth. She feels that she is an old woman. Many connotations this number carries as is the last age you can marry through, you are not a well-qualified woman because you broke 30s line and you are still single. 30, the number of years of pain, broken hopes, forgotten dreams and many restrictions from the Society. Mascara uses their notes and tunes to portray how the woman feels when she comes to 30. The rate is 8 /10

Written by: Rana Atef

Rana Atef

Rana Atef is one of the youngest active female reviewers in Egypt. She is one of the Admins of The Egyptian Metal Scene page, One of the Admins of The Egyptian Metal Archive, Writer/Reviewer at Rock Era Magazine, Writer/Reviewer at Jorzine and The Egyptian Representative at JoScene. She started writing at the age of 17. She has more than 80 published reviews through only 3 years. She joins AudioInferno to have a greater view of the whole African Metal Scene.


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