[Album Review] Chapter II by Awaken Within’s Producer ‘Paul Martins’


This Month, Awaken Within‘s member/producer Paul Martin released the second album of his side project. The album entitled “Chapter II” and it contained 8 tracks. Chapter II featured Amr Medhat (vocals), and Enrico De Luca (Lead Guitar).

The first track in the album is “Child of the Unicorn“. It starts with 40 seconds of Acoustic tunes. The music of it carried the warmth of the acoustic/ambient tunes and clean vocals and the power of Guitar and harsh vocals. The presence of Acoustic painted the music in emotional and folk colors.

The next track is “Tears of the Sun“. Actually, this track carries a lot of references as its title. Heavy Metal fans will relate of course. The title of the track is near to Bruce Dickinson’s legendary piece “Tears of the Dragon“. To explain more, the mood of Dickinson’s “Tears of the Dragon” is depressed. He uses natural visual images to reflect his sorrow and fears in his life.

“I throw myself into the sea
Release the wave, let it wash over me
To face the fear I once believe
This tears of the dragon is for you and for me” – (Dickinson)

Tears of the Dragon” is emotional, painful, and heavy in its psychological impact. On the other hand, “Tears of the Sun” carries a depressed taste but with nocturne sounds, with dreamer cheerful notes. Acoustic Tunes in “Tears of the Sun” made the track earn a cheerful folk taste as the joyful fairytales. Its lyrics also used the same visual images of Dickonson’s “Tears of the Dragon” but its structure is more into Savatage especially in Believe.

“I am the way, I am the light
I am the dark inside the night” – (Savatage)

So, Paul Martin gives us a musical bittersweet piece with the taste of the first waves of Heavy Metal.

“I am the wind on the sea
I am the wave of the ocean
Tears of the sun wash over me” – (Martin)

The third track is “Lament of the Narrow Sea” and it featured Manja Thessin on Flute. It is an instrumental spiritual track and its riffs are as a combination between “Tears of the Sun” and “Fire within Me”, so it is like an outro for “Tears of the Sun” and “Fire within Me“. “Fire within Me” is an active piece dressed in a Heavy Metal classical taste and Hard Rock modern powerful tunes.

The upcoming one is “Memories.” Memories is one of well composed tracks in Chapter II with its weeping notes of keys and great mood of sorrow. It is painful and emotional. It reflects the scorched wounds of the heart and open scars of the soul. Then, it is “Nothing Lasts Forever” turn. It is a classical track in its own waty, it carries the musical taste of “Bon Jovi”, even its vocals carry the performace of “Bon Jovi”. Especially, its acoustic riffs are close to Bon Jovi’s legend “Wanted Dead of Alive“.

Galaxies Aligned” is a real masterpiece in Chapter II. It is the longest track in the album as its length is 11 minutes. The intro of the track is ambient and atmospheric reflect the real mood of being in the space as the effects used in Nychts and Mortualia’s “Nebelstern des Nichts”. The drums of “Galaxies Aligned” are close to Metallica’s “One”. Galaxies Aligned is rich of movements but it is not boring at all. Every movement brings the sounds of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Europe and Aerosmith. The acoustic classic tunes in the track carried a little bit oriental taste. The solo of the track is long, impressive and dynamic one.

The final track in the album is “The Enchanted“. It is an instrumental interlude with high spiritual taste. It carries symphonic/ambient/symphonic colors.


Finally, Paul Martin managed to combine the classic beautiful taste of Heavy Metal and the modern effects of Hard Rock. The usage of Keys and Acoustic is great because it gives the music more richness. Amr Medhat did a great job in vocals. He gives a real classic impression with the music. It is highly recommended to you, if you are fan for Heavy Metal/Hard Rock music.

Final rating:  4.5/5.

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Written by: Rana Atef

Rana Atef

Rana Atef is one of the youngest active female reviewers in Egypt. She is one of the Admins of The Egyptian Metal Scene page, One of the Admins of The Egyptian Metal Archive, Writer/Reviewer at Rock Era Magazine, Writer/Reviewer at Jorzine and The Egyptian Representative at JoScene. She started writing at the age of 17. She has more than 80 published reviews through only 3 years. She joins AudioInferno to have a greater view of the whole African Metal Scene.


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