Angolan black depressive ambient metal band ‘Sands In Darkness’ releases E.P ‘Night Verses’


It’s not easy for Sands In Darkness coming out from Luanda, Angola and playing Black Metal. The fact that many bands from Angola are often based in remote towns makes it hard for them to record music. Sometimes I tell myself it’s a miraculous scene in Angola. This is because of the civil war that took place in Angola which destroyed lives and properties yet Metal still found a way to Angola. It’s a real sense that people/bands are finally rediscovering their identity in Africa.

Sands in Darkness is a one man (Depressive black metal, Depressive Ambient) band formed since 2013 by Sango Escoces which happens to be the guitarist/bassist and vocalist of the band. This is a first in the African metal scene of course because it’s difficult to record black metal especially if it’s only one human handling everything. When we heard his recently released E.P ‘Night Verses‘, Audioinferno had to contact him because the E.P keeps you emotionally drained and there are ounces of despair contained in the misery-filled lyrics and yelling sounds of the E.P. Night Verses are 8 tugging cries, beautiful epic, shimmering black ambient metal that connects the powerful, honest and uplifting vocals of Sango Escoces which handles everything in the band.

So Audioinferno conducted a little interview with Sango Escoces, the vocalist, bassist and guitarist of the band.

Audioinferno: What genre is your band?

Sango Escoces of Sands in Darkness:

I started with Black metal but now I do (Black metal, depressive Black metal ) And i am creating a new genre called depressive ambient.

Audioinferno: You are a creating a new genre? How nice, so your E.P is depressive ambient themed?

Sango Escoces of Sands in Darkness:

My E.P is composed of (Black metal, dsbm, and depressive ambient). Each track have a diferent genre.

Audioinferno: So tell me more about your E.P. Any inspiration behind it ?

Sango Escoces of Sands in Darkness:

Everyday i discover new situations that inspire me and I see emotions in all behinds and some themes were inspired by my feelings. My E.P is called ‘Night Verses’ because i recorded all the songs at night in my studio.

If you see the tracks title will understand
  • Night verses
  • Dying on the water
  • Ordo
  • World aimless
  • Underworld
  • Suffering souls
  • Wonderland
  • Ghost of Júpiter

Audioinferno: Why the name ‘Sands in Darkness’?

Sango Escoces of Sands in Darkness:

I choosed it because i am African and i feel the suffering inside here and i created an ideology. We are Sands in Darkness.  Africa is darkness. We are Sands with Suffering.

That’s all for the interview.

Listen to ‘Night Verses’ EP on Soundcloud

Watch him shredding in this videos here and here

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Download Night Verses E.P here

Listen to Night Verses E.P on bandcamp

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