Scary Fairy Tale 5th Anniversary

Scary Fairy Tale Album Cover


Today, The Egyptian Industrial/Symphonic Metal band HateField celebrates the 5th anniversary of its first album “Scary Fairy Tale“.

Scary Fairy Tale is an important album in the history of the Egyptian Metal Scene. This is because it is the first Industrial/Symphonic Metal album in the history of this sub-genre. This is a landmark album, and as I am one of their greatest fans I have therefore decided to review Scary Fairy Tales to celebrate its 5th anniversary.

The Band

HateField is an Industrial/Symphonic Metal band from Alexandria/Egypt. It was formed by Alfi Hayati as a one-man project but after releasing “Scary Fairy Tale”, it has become a full band. The band members are Alfi Hayati (Vocals/Guitars/lyrics/Music), Ramzy Mayas (Bass), Mostafa Farrag (Lead Guitar) and Mahmoud Aly (Drums).


The Album

Scary Fairy Tale contains 10 tracks. It reflects a certain personal phase of HateField’s composer/founder/front man Alfi Hayati, as he revealed in his latest interview with Audio Inferno.

The album starts with an attractive masterpiece titled  “Hope Overdose“. This track that touches me deeply, I feel every note and every word in its lyrics. It opens with oriental drums and guitar tunes, then followed with strong and fast drums beats, impressive riffs. At 2:14, the mood of the track turns to be more depressive with a background of soprano vocals then followed by an atmospheric mood with alongside a spoken part. At 2:59, the track takes another dimension which is more Heavy/Death Metal mood with growling vocals, heavy drums and dynamic guitar riffs till it turns to the previous depressing mood.

Hatefield Live in El Kabina

Sweet Nightmare” is the second track in Scary Fairy Tale, it is also one of the HateField’s well-known tracks. It carries a semi-oriental guitar taste in a powerful way, it is really a darkened one but it is attractive and very engaging. The third track is “Red Light”, it is the harshest track in the album. Its lyrics are really violent, the riffs are cruel even the vocals are hard and high. The track is full of colours of red and it reflects an inner conversation between the man and his evil.

Deadly Supafly” is the first released track from the album. it was released on the official YouTube channel of Domestic Genocide Records, it is a nice track, it opens with synth/keys then followed by dynamic music with open clear vocals.  At 3:18, there is a strong well-rendered solo, at 3:23, you can listen to a solo melodic part of the guitar with choirs singing.

Hatefield Full Live in Music Room

Hatefield performing live at the Music Room

“Maybe in Another Life” is the 5th track on the album. It carries an oriental touch in the riffs and vocals. at 2:33, you will feel the magic of oriental drums combined with guitars and synths followed by a solo.  “New Born’s Army” is another of my favourite tracks on this album. It is the longest one, it is full of anger and hatred. HateField uses another technique in this track a clean harmonic part with male and female vocals. It is a mirror or the flow of memories, you think of the bitter taste then you remember the sweet ones.

 “13” is the most depressing track in the album, its tunes are really painful even the vocals are a broken or weeping one. “We Will Win” is a Heavy Metal track, it is full of tunes and movements and good vocals. It carries a clear influence of Metallica. “Scary Fairy Tale” is one of the most complicated tracks in the album. It opens with a mournful darkened tune, then followed by a conversation between clean vocals and a brutal one. At 2:32, there was a solo of keys and bass, it is a really impressive part. At 3:06, it is all synth and reflects an imagined fake world with a background of spoken words with harsh vocals. The Album closes with a short instrumental track which is “After Storm”a very emotional, sorrowful and attractive song.

In a nutshell, Scary Fairy Tale is a reflection of a mood of darkness, hatred, pain and tragedy. The music is dynamic and powerful; it is full of depression and hatred. The usage of Synths/keys are also impressive and support the mood of the album. The Symphonic/Atmospheric touches give the music more richness and colours. The vocals of the album are harsh with some clean vocals, but the clean vocals are very depressing and darkened, although Alfi Hayati is known with his hybrid high open clean vocals.

The production of the album is good but, sometimes the music is higher than the vocals as Alfi Hayati uses a semi-narrative technique in his vocal lines.  Scary Fairy Tale is a masterpiece in the history of the Egyptian Metal Scene.

When I listened to it for the first time, I did not understand it well or get the feel of it,  but when I listened to it with a different mood (I mean a personal phase of depression and self-destructive addiction) I felt its music and lyrics in a different way. Scary Fairy Tale Stamps  HateField’s presence in the Subgenre even after 5 years of its release. and i have followed HateField’s music since their second Album “Jagerbomb” Ep,

With the 5th  Anniversary, I thought that’s a good chance to have the honour of reviewing Scary Fairy Tale as it is has been my friend through misery.

Happy 5th Anniversary for Scary Fairy Tale and for HateField. If you have listened to “Holy Brothel” and have not listened to “Scary Fairy Tale”, you should.“Scary Fairy Tale” and “DramaSutra” are part of a two-stage story. I will show you how “Scary Fairy Tale” and “DramaSutra” are connected to each other in terms of Music, Composition and Cover Art. So stay tuned and do not forget to follow HateField.

Final Rating:          4/5


Written by: Rana Atef



Rana Atef

Rana Atef is one of the youngest active female reviewers in Egypt. She is one of the Admins of The Egyptian Metal Scene page, One of the Admins of The Egyptian Metal Archive, Writer/Reviewer at Rock Era Magazine, Writer/Reviewer at Jorzine and The Egyptian Representative at JoScene. She started writing at the age of 17. She has more than 80 published reviews through only 3 years. She joins AudioInferno to have a greater view of the whole African Metal Scene.

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