[Song Review] Straight From The Heart By Mac Roc

MAC ROC is slowly but surely making a household name for himself in the Nigerian Rock Scene. As a producer, it’s only expected that he would be the mastermind behind a lot of collaborations and this song is an example of that. Straight from The Heart’ begins with a piano ballad that sounds very much like the beginning of My December by Linkin Park. After about 19 seconds, the lead guitar and the drums enter giving the song a pump. This last lasts for about 10 seconds and halts leaving us with the piano ballad once again this time with a string undertone after which the lead guitar re-enters the song with a couple of runs. The entire intro lasts for about a minute and the drums finally kick in to introduce the first verse begins in form of a rap by RymstaRay. Throughout the verse, the instrumentation is a constant at the background. When the verse ends the instrumentation takes centre stage again with an interlude that leads to the second verse.

After the second verse the instrumentals are dialled down a bit and RymstaRay delivers a short spoken-word like’ half of a bridge, this is followed immediately by a heavier half of the bridge that ends with RymstaRay saying “I believe, I believe, Mac Roc let’s go”. This cues in the instruments as Mac Roc delivers wonderful lead guitar solo and ultimately ends the song with the piano ballad the song started with. Lyrically, the song basically talks about an artist struggling to stay true to his art and his beliefs in God. Personally, I find the premise to be very inspirational and the execution was good. However, I believe the solo deserved a chorus, the lack of a chorus made the song less memorable. I cannot stress this enough, I understand the place of a lead solo but after every verse, it was so painfully obvious that a chorus was supposed to come in. I also believe the intro to the song was too long for the kind of song it is, it was totally unnecessary and I believe the time spent on the chorus could have been cut or used more creatively.
Conclusively, it’s an enjoyable song and it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard from Mac Roc so far.

Final Rating:      3/5

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