[Song Review] Sweaty Palms by TRACERS


Tracers issued a press release last week about their new single and I had to go check it out and shed out my thoughts.
I first came across Tracers on the BIRP collection for December 2014, they had a song called ‘Mutual Imagination’ on it that I loved so much. Imagine my excitement when I found out about ‘Sweaty Palms’. I jumped at this song with a very big smile on my face.

The Review

It is an Indietronica/Indie Pop song that lasts for 3 minutes 22 Seconds. It starts upbeat with the drums and the synth letting us know exactly what we’re in for. TJ Pool starts singing and it’s an absolute delight to listen to as his vocals match the emotional spectrum of the intro perfect leading us into the chorus. After the chorus, the second verse comes up in the same fashion the only difference being that the instruments are toned down for the first half of it. After the second chorus, a short bridge is sung after which the chorus is sung again twice. First in a capella and finally with full instrumentation.
The first thing to note going into this song is that it is a happy song. It is upbeat, fun, catchy and specifically designed to make throw away your inhibitions and just dance. Stylistically speaking, this song is a quite different from anything the band has ever done. I remember listening to The Comedown EP and comparing them to some of the indie rock bands I’ve grown to love over the years. I went into this with the same expectations but ended up thinking of bands like ‘The Naked and Famous’ or ‘Phoenix’ which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I’m also a fan of these bands.
That aside, this song is a brilliant song in its own right and if it’s the title track to their upcoming album then it’s a step in a good direction. I just hope I’ll get a chance to talk to the band to figure out what direction that is soon enough.
You can listen to it here

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