ColdField + EP = The Silent!

Don’t you just love EPs? I think I love them a lot more than albums. Like I said one time, it’s a great way for bands to experiment, little to no pressure. Great way to have fun to with new sounds and new directions. We got wind about Coldfield’s new EP titled The  Silent and as always we wanted a piece of that action. Way back in September we did an introductory article on the band way back in September, 2016. Read on it HERE. So,  what do we know about the album, a little. We know they recorded the first 3 tracks (Dark Skies,Nightmares and Feel Alive) at B Sharp Studios. Then they decided to work on the final tracks (Dominant and The Silent) with the team over at ParkLand Studios. Ah yes, as they say variety is the spice of life, no?

The bands was good enough to leave a video on the recording process they went through which we think is absolutely brilliant if you as us:

Good stuff no? The album’s available for purchase at their bandcamp page, head on there for some goodness.

For more from the band, do follow their Facebook, Instagram, and always boys and girls, support your local band /,,/


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