Creating the Godform fucks you up with their E.P ‘Odium’

Creating the Godform are here to move your feet, do death somersaults and to raise your spirits in their brutal down tempo deathcore sound. Something evil in you just triggers and you feel violent and maybe, you might start boxing the wall when you listen to CREATING THE GODFORM.

They released their first single ‘Dead World‘ with Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia on 13th July which we here at Audioinferno covered, click here to read. When Pestillence Thariq (ex-guitarist of The Fallen Prophets), told me he has entered another band, I congratulated him but what got my attention is when he told me that his new band is a brutal down temp deathcore /beatdown band. Now, this is a new genre that CREATING THE GODFORM wants to revolutionise around Africa. There is no band that sounds like them in Africa as far as I am concerned so they are actually the pioneers of the brutal down temp deathcore /beatdown genre in Africa.

When I heard their first track by them ‘Dead World‘ featuring Duncan Bentley, I felt this current flowing through me, that energy could be used to shatter the world so we spoke briefly to Sherlic White and Pestillence Thariq on their E.P ‘Odium’

The Interview

Audioinferno: As far as I know, you guys are the first band to introduce the beatdown genre in Africa, how do you guys feel about this, do you know any other bands that previously or are still into the genre?

Sherlic White:

To our knowledge we are the only currently active band within the genre but if there are any others, we encourage them to come forward with their music as the response to ours has been nothing but positive and we believe the same would go for many more to come.

Pestillence Thariq:

For us its a good thing but also a massive responsibilty to carry out this genre (we are the first so we are trying to do traditional beatdown yet still add our own twist) and represent it on an international scale because as far as we know we are the only band doint this genre so we are trying to bring new styles of music into the local scene and encourage other bands to explore other genres.

Listen to Creating the Godform E.P titled Odium

Audioinferno: What is your motivation behind your E.P (Odium)

Pestillence Thariq:

Odium is an intense hatred and from that we decided its a fitting title for our E.P as it captures the anger in this genre of music.

Sherlic White:

That about sums it up, the music is very aggressive and focuses on capturing on the essence of anger, aggression and anger so Odium was a fitting title.

Audioinferno: Nice so who produced your E.Pand did you enjoy working with him?

Sherlic White:

Matt Mader (guitarist of Human Error and ex guitarist of Vulvodynia) produced the EP, he worked on our Single “Dead World” so we felt he know our music well enough to know exactly what we want. He has done a superb job on the EP and we are very happy to have him on this project.

Audioinferno: You have a great artwork pretty amazing stuff. What’s the person’s name and how does it connect to your E.P?

Sherlic White:

Seth Greenwood, a good friend and excellent concept artist to say the least. All it takes was a brief description of what the music is about for him to know exactly what to throw together. Odium was a difficult piece to conceptualize based on the definition but he took it and made the most out. He is always available for commission and more of he’s work can be found at

That’s all for the interview. These guys recently got signed to Dissentient Records U.S.A.this shows that they are in the making of becoming a great band and their commanding presence of their sounds are getting known internationally also. Support your local bands\m/

If you know any band that sounds like Mechina, please use the comment box.


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