13th EMPIRE releases debut self-titled EP, Plus check out their Video “Cascade”

Johannesburg, South Africa – From the shadows of a ninja past, a brand new melodic metal band 13th EMPIRE have released their debut self-titled EP from Hate City, ZA.

13th EMPIRE – the self-titled 5 track EP is today available for digital download and streaming on major platforms, along with the debut of the music video for “Cascade”.

The Band

13th EMPIRE is a 5 piece band of friends comprised of Daniel Irving on vocals, Byron Hambly and James Irving on guitars, Simon Rutte on bass and Dale Keegan on drums. Consisting of band experience in Facing the Gallows, Silvablack Live, Death by Ninja and Truth and its Burden, 13th EMPIRE is a new wave of progressive and melodic South African heavy metal, set on pushing the boundaries of heavy music locally and abroad.

Mixed and mastered by Craig “Tripwire” Hawkins at Audio Militia , the 13th EMPIRE EP is the sonic equivalent of being beaten to death by a beautiful guardian angel. The product of a long road of writing and recording by masterminds James Irving and Byron Hambly, who after the amicable split of Death by Ninja continued to work on their love of heavy music. Fortune smiled and united them with long-time friend and martial arts master Simon Rutte, and hardcore drum assassin Dale Keegan while working on pre-production demos while attempting to find a vocalist. During this rocky patch, James’ own 17-year-old younger brother ‘Daniel Irving’ stepped up to the plate, put in blood and sweat and months of hard work to become the prodigious talent and irreplaceable vocalist that today debuts his frightening and blissful voice.

The FiendishTV produced the video for “Cascade” which sees 13th EMPIRE deliver a crushing live performance, with the hauntingly beautiful voice of newcomer Daniel Irving, set amid the literal heavy metal of a steel storage facility.

Planning a launch event and national tour starting February 2017, 13th EMPIRE intends to release consistently creative content and top quality merchandise to show South Africa and the world their love for heavy music.

Fans of groove, prog, melody, screaming and singing are bound to enjoy this new taste of metal in South Africa. 13th EMPIRE is inspired by myriad bands both locally and abroad and a wide range of styles. It’s all about the groove!

“13th EMPIRE is quite simply the most excited I’ve been about an upcoming metal project in years. Decades even. Their sound is a perfect blend of aggression, melody, groove and progression, all in perfect alignment. The sheer pedigree of the line-up is almost as mind-blowingly exciting as the emergence – out of nowhere – of 17-year-old vocalist, Daniel Irving. Sings like a fallen angel. Screams like a dying bear. Everything I’ve heard has been world-beating. I simply cannot f*cking wait. All hail the Empire.” – Gord Laws, Music Journalist, Creative Director, Former FHM Music and Features Editor.

13th EMPIRE – EP

Track listing:
1. Fascist
2. Hypocrisy
3. Hostility
4. Prevail
5. Cascade

Contact: Byron Hambly – info@13thempire.com

Website: http://13thEMPIRE.com

YouTube: http://youtube.13thempire.com

iTunes: http://itunes.13thempire.com

Bandcamp: http://bandcamp.13thempire.com

Amazon: http://amazon.13thempire.com

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