Great things for the South African avant-garde band ‘Polar Dust’ as they release photoshoot to welcome 2017

Polar Dust, an avant-garde band from Johannesburg, South Africa recently released awesome pictures to welcome 2017. This is just the start of the great things and entertaining assignments they have to offer Africa this year. Ever since they released their music video in parts of 3 which was designed in a chemically bonded concept, I have been waiting for them to release an album which they will this year! When they announce the name of the album, be sure, you all will know instantly.

So we talked to the members of Polar Dust, enjoy the interview.

Audioinferno: What did you guys have all planned out this year, I saw a photoshoot of you guys on Instagram?

Rhett Freeman:

This year we want to focus on new music, which we have been working on. And of course playing live, although not as much as last year. We would also like to tour more of SA.

Sara M.Eksteen:

We will be doing less live performances this year, last year was the year for live shows.

Audioinferno: Although not as much as last years? It means you will cut off on your live performances this year and concentrate on your album and your music video?

Rhett Freeman:

I think it’s safe to say we’re evolving as a band while still keeping the core sound that is Polar Dust. So we want to focus more on that this year.

Audioinferno: That’s awesome so your new album, will you guys keep to your avant garde sound?

Johan Vos:

We don’t want to be too much genre-specific. As long as it sounds good, but we’ll like to keep the dark elements.

Rhett Freeman:

We will definitely be keeping our avant guarde sound, we all have a wide range of influences and we have been writing as unit so those are starting to come through, while still being true to the original sound that is Polar Dust.

Audioinferno: So you’ll be experimenting with genres on this your new album?

Rhett Freeman:

I wouldnt go so far as to say genres, we enjoy not really being confined to one specific genre. More like incorporating new elements.

Johan Vos:

Maybe a way to look at it, is to use Dadaism as an example, where the creative process isn’t inhibited by specific genres. Just let it flow.

Audioinferno: Just let it flow, lol, nice so when are we expecting your new album which I am keen to know the name?

Johan Vos:

Still no name as yet for the album, but we’re working on new songs. So when we’re happy with the material we’ll record. No time frame as such.

Rhett Freeman:

We’re still very much in the writing process, so things are still taking shape, we don’t want to rush to get one out for the sake of releasing something.

Audioinferno: So I’ve listened to your debut EP and it had that dark element to it which I found intriguing. So what sort of reaction did you have from reviews so far about your EP?

Rhett Freeman:

Overall I’d say we’ve had pretty positive reviews, as far as South African bands go we’re quite unique, and that I think has helped a lot.

Johan Vos:

We’re pretty much the only post-punk band in South Africa. If you need to box it in.

Sara M.Eksteen:

We are the musical criminals as depicted in our photos, non-conforming to any rules.

Watch the series of three videos with a wonderful theme and concept.

Drown in you by Polar Dust (Part 1)

Deep End by Polar Dust (Part 2 )

Dose of my Dark Side by Polar Dust (Part 3)

So watch out for this guys!, there are coming back strong this year and here at Audioinferno would be glad to announce what they have. Remember, support your local bands\m/

Photography by Reflective Flair Photography Jacques Schutte and Make up by Yowyn Du Plooy.

Reach out to the band Polar Dust on facebook.


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