BOOOM BOOOM POW! Sean again with the usual weekly update people. Let’s see what some of the bands have been up to lately on their social media pages.

1Red Helen‘s long awaited album to be finally out on 17th of February, so, you know mark that date people!

2 – Check out date Vulvodyniaslam wants to start their South Africa tour, a stop in Nigeria will be nice we say, well someday

3Seed of Datura to perform alongside Rash at the #stickyourgun concert, both well known, both worth the listen and attention says we

4Devilspeak to have their first show of the year. This gives us way too much joy really, we kinda started this site off of news about the band and we see them moving fast and well! Always good seeing them doing it big

5Dark Suburb to stage their first show for the year this February, more on this coming soon folks

6 – Come hangout with Zainab Sule at ‘an evening with Zainab’ on 5th of February. Entry is free

LOOOOOOT of shows as you can see people. Gosh. We should be getting invites to these things really. Just saying. Still, remember, support your local bands /,,/


Oluwaseun David, graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Electrical/electronic engineer, a Nigerian, big fan of alternative rock, punk, indie, post hardcore, movie freak. Head of Social Media Marketing on AudioInferno

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