Dark Suburb are back with new single Hating (song/video available)

Dark Suburb HatingGhanaian alternative band Dark Suburb are back with another brilliant rock song titled Hating. Dark Suburb are one of the more diverse bands when it comes to sound in Africa and that talent is fully on display in this beautifully produced song. Hating succeeds on so many levels from the great guitar intro, the infusion of hip-hop/Trap all the way through to the thrilling end and that’s just for the song. Add in the beautifully shot video with its excellent choreography and you have something that’ll keep you coming back for more. But enough of the hype. Listen to the song below.

Song release

Dark Suburb had this to say about the song:

There are so many negative feedback in a person’s struggle to express him or herself, this song just helps you build a positive mindset.

“There is space in the world for whatever you want to do if it’s positive” – Dark Suburb

Watch the brilliantly choreographed and shot video as well.

Video release

We are still waiting for the release of their full album which has produced singles such as Mama, Color Blind and Egobe (check out our review for Egobe). The album which is titled The Start Looks Like The End already has its cover art and tracklist released. We here at AudioInferno are incredibly excited for it and can’t wait for it to drop.

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