South African alternative metal band ‘Urban Vitamin’ is back again with their new album called Ekphrasis

Urban Vitamin is an alternative metal band from Pretoria, South Africa, formed in 2008 by members, Cobus Nigrini, Rick De
Villiers, Neville Botha, and Cicero Carstens. In 2014, Ricky Dunningham took over on drum duties after Rick De Villiers left to
complete his PhD in Durham, UK.

Urban Vitamin is known for their intellectual lyrical content, experimentations with sub-genres of metal, alternative, rock and
electronica, which are showcased in a well-balanced fusion in their intricate songwriting.

“You’re waking up what could be left
Under this lock, beneath this latch
What devils wait inside this box…”

In 2010, the band released their debut album, The First Time Hurts the Most, as a free digital download, which A Look Away
magazine (Feb 2010) hailed as a “confluence or whispers and violence, or a handshake between a Tibetan monk and Mark
Wahlberg”. The album features the single, “Girls”, which received countless airplay on local radio stations and the
accompanying music video received over 3 000 views on YouTube.

“Behind pressed lids I can see you, in this darkness there’s no distance.
In this dumb show there’s no silence, behind pressed lids I can see”

In 2013, Urban Vitamin released a follow-up EP, Agent Provocateur. Two music videos have been released for the singles,
Philistine” and “Sirens”, which received well over 7 000 and 5 000 views respectively.



In 2014, the band played the Johannesburg leg of the popular South African music festival Ramfest 2014, alongside
international artists such as Foals, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, and Biffy Clyro. The remainder of 2014 was devoted to playing
shows on the local circuit. The year concluded with a line-up change as Rick De Villiers moved to the UK and the band
introduced Ricky Dunningham as the new drummer.

2015 saw the extension of the band’s borders as they ventured to play shows outside of South Africa. In August the band
toured to Mozambique and played to a packed crowd at AfrikaBar, an old cinema renovated into a bar in the heart of Maputo,
and a month later was invited to play a show in one of the town halls in Gaborone, Botswana. In addition, the band began
recording the follow up album to the Agent Provocateur EP at Anti-motion Studios and the UV Studio.

“Should it surprise us when
This cruel light shows us exactly as we are”

In 2017, Urban Vitamin released their sophomore album titled, Ekphrasis. The album featured the singles, “A Bloodless Ballet”,“Contagion, And So On” and “Metempsychose, Slow”.

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