InviZAble & Stone Jets Spreading “AWEHNESS” One Track at a Time

As ancient prophecy foretold; The mythical being who embodies a powerful sonic force has arrived. The time has come for this former microchip turned superhero, to unleash mind blowing musical powers in order to fulfil its destiny through launching the AWEHNESS Campaign. On a quest to bring balance and equality, InviZAble is driven by a compelling desire to help humanity overcome adversity. By forming alliances with fellow South African musical comrades, the movement intends to create AHWENESS of those who have dedicated their lives to changing the world and create a better future for all.

The Project

The first release in the string of singles chosen for the AWEHNESS campaign, is an InviZAble remix of the electrifying dance track, ‘Hurricane’ by the Stone Jets.  Moved through the chance meeting with a stray dog in a parking lot, Hurricane speaks to the need for humans to take better care of their furry companions who cannot find shelter during the cold rainy nights. In light of animal welfare, comrades of sound Stone Jets and InviZAble have chosen to work alongside a protector of animals, TEARS Animal Rescue, to create AWEHNESS of the suffering of abandoned domestic animals.

Comrades from the Cape Peninsula based animal rescue organisation, TEARS is the first to team up with the campaign. The remix of ‘Hurricane’ has been allocated to TEARS to use as their theme song to assist with generating awareness for their cause.

TEARS Animal Rescue (The Emma Animal Rescue Society) is one of the country’s leading organisations. Their vision is one of continuous improvement and expansion in order to rescue, rehabilitate, re-home, or re-unite every domestic animal that has nowhere else to turn and is in need of a champion.

“Be part of our mission to bring relief to animals who suffer abuse. There are many ways you can make a difference in your community.”


The call for musical comrades to combine sonic forces and create AWEHNESS for charitable causes dedicated to restoring harmony in the world, is being answered. Music has been a vehicle for the deliverance of powerful social messages since the beginning of existence. Various current societal  afflictions such as women abuse, water conservation and the dethroning of corruption will be addressed and voiced by these champions. AWEHNESS hopes to inspire open social dialogue that is so crucial to developing new paradigms and promoting compassion.

Download the track from iTunes to spread the AWEHNESS for TEARS Animal Rescue.


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