The African Metal Scene Reacts To Linkin Park’s New Single ‘HEAVY’

Linkin Park

It’s just not what I expect from Linkin park. The mastering was meticulous, probably overcompensation for doing such a track. A lot of African metal artists are not pleased. This was a rather unexpected surprise for everyone. The beginning had me anticipating the drums to kick in but even when it did, it was a continuity of the slow melancholic harmony. Such as would be welcomed to those who are new to rock music, not to a hard-core metal audience. I hope that Linkin park takes this as a failed experiment and go back to giving us more of what we love them for.

Greg Van Kerkhof of Red Helen (South Africa Metalcore band)

“It’s an effectively written pop song, made to attract a specific group of people that none of the members of Red Helen fall under. We don’t really agree with bashing bands when they change their style to something we don’t enjoy. So while I don’t enjoy the song (and I doubt the rest of my band mates would either) we feel that people should try to encourage the music they enjoy, not bashing artists who don’t fit their tastes. In my opinion there are too many amazing artists to listen to and enjoy to worry about bands that have changed to a style that doesn’t suit me.”

Sayed Ragai of SinProphecy ( Egyptian Melodic death metal band )

What I’ve heard from LP this year was really disappointing for me as a fan for them, go back to ‘”Hybrid Theory” and “Meteora” and you will understand what I mean, but their released track called “Heavy” is just another mainstream shitty pop song. No music, no vocals, no lyrics, no signature, no originality, it’s so lifeless. and between I’m not against soft songs at all, or switching genre or whatever, I’m just against cheesy music, maybe I could accept this track as a pop song that I won’t pay attention to in the background of a club, but not from LP, not from the band that was a big part of my life as a teenager, but in the other hand I just wish for the old LP to come back and rise again.

Ahmad Mostafa of Thorvald ( Egyptian Viking metal band )

They are far away from alternative music, it’s like they turned commercial, generally speaking, songs like that from Major Lazer, Chainsmokers. They’re exactly in the same group. They are far away from their original music. The alternative rock style, like if it’s a totally different band. For electro music lovers, the song is pretty good.

Sam Warui Mwangi of Rash ( Kenyan Alternative rock band )

They deserve all the flack that Nickelback have got all these years. I can comfortably categorise them with the Taylor Swifts and the Ariana Grandes that’s have been spewing our mainstream radio.

Musa Mntambo of 11th hour ( South African Nu-metal band )

The track is a nightmare and doesn’t do their roots any favours. They’re relevant now and should be using that to put the Metal culture out there for the masses but i guess at the end of the day that’s their choice.

Nicholas Swanepoel of Crooked ( South Africa Alternative rock band )

Linkin Park was one of the first rock/metal bands I got into and have a deep respect for them, even through their techno phase (Which was still pretty damn good if I may be honest). Their last album, ‘The hunting Party’ was an absolute masterpiece. This got me interested in the new track, but I came out of it feeling really disappointed. There is very little originality to it. The lyrics are generic, there are no nice instrumental layers (That Linkin Park are Pros at laying down). It feels more like an ode or submission to Commercialism because this simply doesnt feel like Linkin Park. More like an incredibly commercial version of a Twenty One Pilots song. I do hope the rest of their new album comes out with better quality music.

Gareth Ashton of Reverse the Sands ( South Africa melodic metal band )

Linkin Park

I get the entire concept of changing styles to captivate a new audience. But for a band that’s been going for more than 10 years. It’s a bit too late for change. Then again, this new style (POP) opens up an entirely new audience for them which is amazing! The pop scene is HUGE at the moment so they might actually go far with this. Look, Linkin park has ALWAYS experimented and had a great response. The Jay Z featured album was huge because it appealed to so many markets. They did albums where they had remixed songs. Personally just listened to it now and I actually quite like it. I just think some people are just too metal and can’t embrace change and accept some pop styled music. I listen to loads of metal but I still listen to Ariana Grande and Michael Buble because it’s purely good music.

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