[Song Review] Hating by Dark Suburb



Dark Suburb is a Ghanian Alternative rock band that I’ve known for a while now. After listening to “I dey feel you die” and “Mama” (MUCH LOVE FOR THIS SONG), I discovered the band has a habit of always having a new sound with each song they release. This makes me wonder what the album will sound like. They recently released a new single titled “Hating”. I have listened to this song and watched the accompanying music video. I must say they did well on this song. Below is my review of the song…


But enough of that. We’re here to talk about HATE \m/! Not the emotion, the song….although it’s titled “HATING” not “HATE”. Hating song is a bit opening is a bit mellow and transitions well into the verses. There’s this feeling of impending intensity you feel with when listening to the verses. And, Yes, things do get intense once the chorus kicks in. The third verse they switch things up and the song has this slightly sorrowful tone. This is followed by a more frantic, last chorus, made more intense by gang vocals in the background while the main lyrics of the chorus take center stage. The production in the song is pretty good. Actually, it’s great, even. Instruments are quite audible. The general sound kinda reminds me little of smashing pumpkins and foo fighters. I think it’s because of the riffs in the chorus.

Dark Suburb has done well on this track. I really liked the riffs in the chorus. The verses not as much. I think the electronic elements in the verses didn’t need to be there. But that’s just me. But it’s a good song and deserves to be listened to.


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